Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Summer FruitWe can thank God for a fruitful summer. Peter and I have been witnessing in the park near our church. One day in August while witnessing to people, we happened to meet a Ukrainian man in the park. After I presented the Gospel message to him, he accepted the salvation message. Right after he prayed and asked the Lord to save him and as I was showing him some verses about the assurance of salvation, a woman came up to him, grabbed a hold of him, and told him to come with her and get away from us. Thank God he had time to hear the message before the distractions came his way.

Another day in July, Peter and I were witnessing in that same park and met a woman from Ukraine. The Ukrainian people seem to be humble and open to the Gospel message. This young woman listened politely to the message of salvation, and she readily prayed to receive Christ as Saviour. It is wonderful to see these salvation experiences, as many times when we witness to Polish people, there is no response or they reject the message.

Another blessing is that we are now the owners of our church building. The mortgage was paid in full in July this year. It is good to retire the debt and to see God still working here in our ministry in Warsaw. A fellow missionary is leaving this Saturday to return to America after 21 years of preaching on the streets here in Warsaw, which is quite a long time. He is leaving because he feels that he did not see revival, which he prayed for all these years. However, even when the ground is stony and hard and the labor is tough, we want to remember God’s goodness and keep plowing.

Peter is now preaching every other Sunday and leading the church when I need him to fill in. He is a good preacher. He is really a big help in the ministry. He plays the guitar for our song service and gets involved in many ways. We are very grateful to God for this gift to us and the ministry here in Warsaw, Poland. Peter is my faithful soul-winning partner.

This summer was a time to repair and maintain our building. God sent a young Belarusian man to do some much-needed work for us. He painted the front of the building and did some drywall work inside the area where we meet for services. Several men from the church came and painted inside our building, and other improvements are being made. Peter helped me order some nice lettering, which we will put on the front of our meeting place. For the first time, our church will have the words Gospel Baptist Church on the front of it. For years we have had a sign with just the name of our foundation: Fundamentals of Life Foundation. Now we will be officially public about this building being a church. There are reasons why we were not so public before, but please pray that people would not vandalize and put graffiti on our church.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayers and support. As we see the world getting worse and America changing so much, we are more challenged to redeem the time and zealously serve the Lord.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock