Paul Lung Prayer Letter: God Worked Greatly in 2019Happy New Year to every one of you from the Paul Lung family. I trust that this letter finds you all in good health with peace and joy. I am delighted to give you the report of 2019, the report of how God worked greatly in our midst. His goodness in 2019 was just amazing. I praise God for great moves toward a good start in the New Year.

Our Christmas program of 2019 and the New Year’s Eve program were quite different from past years. In our carol-singing-night program, we visited 465 households in total, distributed 340 New Testaments, more than 600 Christmas candles, and 1,600 Gospel tracts (Are you 100% sure of your eternal destiny? Are you heading to Heaven or Hell? I need this answer from you.) God really moved in the hearts of the people. On Christmas Day, we invited the VIP government officials as special guests, plus unbelievers, friends who love us, the school teachers, and our neighborhood Buddhist friends. More than 300 people were in attendance. With the addition of the kids from the children’s home, we had almost 400 people total. We provided Christmas dinner and ice cream for them. More importantly, we gave the Christmas message. They listened carefully to the Christmas message.

I am deeply satisfied and rejoiced because the governor of Rangoon Provence and his wife, the mayor of Yangon City, and a state police officer were our special guests. Our church name is highly populated in Yangon. Liberal churches are jealous of us and have raised a lot of questions about us. We did well again for the New Year’s Eve service. I preached on Psalm 90, and the people were blessed. God is working greatly in our midst.

All these ministries are a result of your faithful support and prayers. In the meantime, we have experienced a lot of attacking from liberal preachers, but God protects me in several ways, and I am thankful to Him.

The paperwork on the church building project has been officially approved, and we are now about to start. Please continue to pray for us. God already provided for one church building through the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, and we need another one. We need a church building 60 feet x 28 feet, costing $7,000. We are trusting that God will do it for His people. Amen.

January 4 was Independence Day in Myanmar. Pastor Timothy and I organized and invited pastors and deacons of all independent Baptist churches and evangelical churches. We gathered together and prayed for U.S. President Trump and Vice-President Pence. This was another good service as well. We trust that God will do things in miraculous ways and bless you richly throughout the year.

Yours in His vineyard,

Dr. Paul Lung and Family
Calvary Baptist Church