Missionary #6020 Prayer Letter: Our Father's MovingWe have been overwhelmed at our Father’s goodness, timing, and clear guidance recently!

Our Hearts Are Broken

On January 8, we were told that the English school at which I work will be closed down on January 17. The official reason is that the school conflicted with the nine-year, compulsory-education law of China. (Students must attend public school until the ninth grade.)

This school has provided an opportunity for many people to serve here in China. Our family and all of the other foreigners associated with the school will need to leave due to a loss of our teaching visas. Please pray especially for our Father to care for Mr. J___ (the school leader) and his family! Please also pray for our Father to guide His many servants here.

Our Father’s Moving

A few weeks ago, my wife and I both thought that our Father might be wanting us to prepare to move to another situation. Although the assembly meetings and other ministries were going well and we were content and happy in every area of our lives, we both wondered if our Father wanted a change. (We know now that He did and was preparing our hearts.)

After talking, we reached out for counsel and found that our Father was beginning to prepare a plan for us. The day we were told our school was going to be shut down, we were officially offered a job serving missionaries through our home church in the States. What a blessing it is that our Father always prepares our steps as He leads! We are looking forward to continuing to share, serve, and help others around the world!

The Next Steps

We are tentatively planning to leave China during the first week of February. Please pray for each step of our preparation, as there are many things to take care of before we leave. Please pray especially for our friends here!

That all the earth may know,

Missionary #6020 and Family