TAN Update:  New Churches Started by TAN StudentsPRAISES

• Due to God’s wonderful working through Charlie Vest these past three years, the Teaching All Nations program continues to expand in the Philippines.
• The TAN curriculum encourages students “to go to the next towns” to start a soul-winning ministry while they are attending their Bible institute classes.
• A number of church plants are now being started by TAN students around the world.
• Pictures to the left and above are students who are studying TAN lessons as they prepare for full-time Christian service.
• Praise the Lord that Dr. Mark Bosje, FBMI president, and Evangelist Jim Belisle will be traveling to Nigeria to speak at the annual National Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference, hosted by Missionary Mark Holmes. Dr. Bosje will be carrying Teaching All Nations materials to be used in Bible institutes.


• Pray for Adam Ogle, program director for TAN, as he prepares for a trip to Nigeria, Africa, early this summer.
1. The purpose for his trip is to visit one or more of the Bible institutes in Calabar in order to encourage and strengthen the work that the national pastors are doing to train young men and women for full-time service.
2. Pastor Wayih in Calabar, Nigeria, now has 28 students in his Bible institute, which causes us to say, “PRAISE THE LORD!!”
• Pray for Bro. Richard Hitt from Longview, Texas, who is planning to take the trip to Nigeria with Adam Ogle this summer. This will be an opportunity for Bro. Hitt to learn about TAN.


• This past month we have traveled in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky, visiting a number of pastors, passing out tracts, and winning 6 people to the Lord.
• I had the honor to speak at my youngest brother Tim’s Homegoing service in Westminster, Colorado, March 24. Keep praying for us. God bless you.

Serving together,

Ed & Carolyn Tutton
Hosea 4:6