Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter:  Headed Back Home to Tanzania!We are writing you our last prayer letter from the States. The next time we write, we will be back in Tanzania. We have enjoyed our time in the States tremendously, but we are also eager to get back home. We thank God for His provision throughout our time here. Not only have all our needs been met, but He has given us some of our “wants” too. We’ve enjoyed being with old friends and making some new ones as well. He has also allowed us to visit some new churches, and so far, one of them has already taken us on for support. It’s an old saying, but it’s so true: You cannot out-give God. He truly does take care of us more than we can fathom. God uses people to further His work, and we want to thank all the folks God has used to help us. Many folks have been a blessing to us and have encouraged us. As we travel, we have the honor of meeting God’s faithful people who are spread throughout this great country of America. As far as our family goes, thank you to all who have prayed for my wife and Benjamin specifically. They are both doing well. Benjamin is healthy and growing great, and my wife’s health is heading in the right direction.

As we are here, the ministry still goes on in Tanzania. I keep up with my assistant pastor often. I was encouraged when he told me that four people who were backslidden came back to church recently. All were coming at one point. Their families continued to come to church, and we told them to keep being faithful, to keep loving them, to keep praying for them . . . and wait. As a church family, we kept visiting them, and now they are back in church. The church also celebrated its 5-year anniversary on August 11. Many folks were praying and excited for that day. Our choir CD was printed, and every family received a copy. The Lord blessed, and there were 629 people in attendance, with 12 of them trusting Christ as Saviour. I’m so encouraged that the church is not built upon a man, but upon God; He still uses people, any kind of people, to further His kingdom. It’s good that our folks can continue to grow in my absence so that they can really grasp the idea that God blesses faithfulness, not just the senior pastor. We are excited to get back! We have new ideas for outreach and discipleship, and we are looking forward to finishing out the year strong.

Please continue to pray for us as we head into our last month here in the States. We are going to a few new churches. Pray that they will be willing to take us on for support. Pray that our luggage will make it back safely and that we get through customs with no problems. Also, pray that our supporting churches will continue to grow and be a witness where they are; pray that the pastors will continue to lead and have a vision for the folks God has given them. We sure do love and appreciate everyone who prays and supports us. Please know that we pray for you all often and consider it a great honor to represent you in the country of Tanzania.

Your friends,

Mshama, Martha, Esther, & Benjamin Kinyonga