Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  You Are Greatly AppreciatedI trust you received our updated prayer cards in August. Your faithful financial support and prayer support are greatly appreciated.

We are monitoring the hurricane activity in the Caribbean, as well as the violence in Haiti, for our return to St. Raphael. The increasing number of riots, the shortage of fuel, and the political standoffs continue to hurt the future of the average Haitian citizen. Commerce in general is stagnant, and those opposed to the present governmental president can make it difficult for teachers and students to begin their academic school year.

Many of the problems we are updated about through the U.S. Embassy do not directly affect Theresa and me, but the safety issue is a serious concern. Earlier this year, a church team from Indiana arrived in our ministry to assist with a two-week building project but were forced to exit the country after a few days. Killings and kidnappings are the norm in recent months. I am not afraid of my eternal rendezvous, but there are times we are not “free to move about the country.”

We have been busy in the meantime with two new church plants in America. Most of our involvement has been in door-to-door footwork, but that is one of the key ingredients in giving birth to a new church. If you would like more information, please contact: and

Thank you again for taking the time to read our prayer letter.


Keith and Theresa Baker