Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: Just One More Month!Praise the Lord! Only one more month, and then we will be heading to the country where God has called us to serve. My son and I just came back from a trip in February to set up our housing. Finding a home in a reasonable location that would accommodate the size of our family for the right price within 10 days can be a very difficult task. The first place we looked at was at the very top of our budget, and the location looked like there could be potential problems in the future. The second home was a great price and location, but the owners didn’t want to rent to foreigners, especially with children. I was told that this is a common obstacle for foreigners. The third house we wanted to see wasn’t available at first because other people were already scheduled to look at the home. We decided to at least look at the outside and ended up getting stuck in the snow. The man who helped push us out of the snow was actually the realtor who would show us the house the next day. After we looked at the home, the neighbor who lived next door was attempting to drive up a hill that was covered with snow and ice. We spent the next hour pushing and shoveling him up the hill. I believe God gave us this opportunity of service to obtain a good first impression with our neighbors. The next day, we signed a rental contract with the owner!

God continues to provide the finances that we need to transition! Some of you have given extra, which is a tremendous blessing as we continue to save for these costly expenses. The missionary family that we will be serving with has been working behind the scenes to make our transition much smoother and much more time-efficient! I have been anticipating and willing to endure any hardships that come from a move like this, but so far God has been so kind to us through the work and sacrifice of His beloved saints. To whom much is given, much is required, and I am looking forward to sharing the same love that has been demonstrated to us with those people God has called us to.

These past two months were very busy for us, but in spite of limited time, God continued to bless us with opportunities to share the Gospel, disciple, and serve. One particular day, I wasn’t expecting anyone to stand outside in the cold to hear the Gospel, so I was more focused on covering more houses with Gospel tracts. However, I still prayed that God would lead me to someone who would be willing to hear the Gospel. Nearing the end of my time knocking on doors, one man answered the door, and God once again answered my prayer. Not only did he listen to the Gospel, but he also trusted Christ as his personal Saviour, in spite of all of the distractions that took place. God answered another prayer about a close friend and previous coworker whom I have invested in through many Bible studies. I have been praying that God would move in his heart about attending a good church, and my friend has now been attending my home church these past few weeks!

Our home church will be having an ordination service for me on March 19 at 7:00 p.m. Anyone who happens to be in the area and is interested in attending is more than welcome to come. Pastor Wilkerson will be the main speaker. Please pray for a dear couple we met on deputation that has a heart to serve God on the mission field. They plan to take a survey trip this June to see if God would have them work alongside of us. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Missionary #6506 and Family