Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: COVID Has Not Slowed Us Down to the Glory of the Lord“I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.” (Psalm 130:5) God has led us to 93% of our needed support, and He will lead us to obtain the remaining 7% in His timing. Please pray that God’s will would not hindered and that He would provoke the hearts of four to five churches to support our family financially. We are almost done with obtaining all the required paperwork, and I will be planning a preliminary trip to secure housing and banking, Lord willing, this February. I am hopeful that out of the several meetings that I have lined up until April of this year, some of those will be able to take us on for support.

Since our last prayer letter, we have been out on the West Coast, but we have now secured a home base in Indiana. We have had a few more churches take us on for support, along with a businessman. One of those churches that took us on was an unscheduled visit that voted to support us right after the service! With that being said, COVID has not slowed us down to the glory of God!

I’m sure those reading this would empathize that this season has been extreme on many levels. I don’t think there are very many who have been unaffected by the underlying powers that are working behind the scenes in our country, communities, churches, and homes. As a response, I have personally decided to prepare my heart to seek God and share His Word more than ever before during this season, and God has been good! I have enjoyed the technology that enables me to pray with godly men, who are deeply burdened for revival, on Friday evenings for hours at a time. This same technology has allowed me to have Bible studies with past converts and friends. When going out soul winning, I am finding that people seem to be much more talkative. Earlier this week, one lady was willing to stand outside in the freezing cold for over 30 minutes to hear the Gospel and trust Christ as her personal Saviour. We must not let COVID and COLD weather paralyze us from the plentiful harvest of willing people ready to hear the Gospel!

God has already blessed us financially by providing for the entire budget that we need in order to transition to Turkey! Any extra money will be saved up for the purchasing of a property (office or apartment), which would not only benefit the ministry but also benefit our ability to apply for longer-term visas. Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 for a property.

Please pray for wisdom and patience as we wait on the Lord for His perfect will. Pray that our decisions will not be made in haste, but through prayer and wise counsel. Pray for grace and strength to maintain and grow a more intense walk with God as we prepare to face the inevitable drama in 2021. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We are blessed to see God do the impossible, and we are looking forward to seeing the great and mighty things that He will do because of your prayers!

Ministry Needs to Take with Me to Turkey

• Lord’s Supper cups
• Baptismal robes for adults of various sizes
• Financing for a trip to Bulgaria to pick up printed materials

If you can help with these needs, please contact me at eurasia6506@gmail.com.

Missionary #6506 and Family