Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter: Christmas at Faith BaptistMissions Sunday

We recently had our Missions Sunday. Our church folks were very excited to start supporting a Ghanaian pastor as he reaches people for the Gospel. I preached on the importance of getting the Gospel to where we cannot go. Please pray that our people will grasp this important truth. It does not matter where you are; it is important to be involved in missions giving.

Kid’s Playground

We finished our new playground in preparation for the first stage of Building Faith! We truly appreciate Stephen and Jessie Swaffer, sent from Marion Avenue Baptist Church, for coming over to help us with this project. This has already been a great tool to get children excited about coming to church. Every Sunday, scores and scores of children are enjoying this new addition to our church property.

Christmas at Faith Baptist

We started the month of December out with a Christmas Ladies’ Meeting at our church. The auditorium was filled with both our church ladies, as well as many visiting ladies. Twelve ladies chose to put their faith in Jesus Christ at the meeting. We had a variety of Christmas outreaches and events. The children of our church were excited to get matching shirts with our church name and logo on them. Our English Sunday school held its annual Christmas party. The children were very excited to participate in a Christmas play, bringing the Christmas story to life.

Imani Village

Construction continues on Imani Village, and we are excited to be finishing this project in the next month or so. One great blessing of this project has been the opportunity to work with many different contractors. This past month I had the opportunity, on different occasions, to witness to two of them. Each one bowed their head and accepted Christ as their Saviour.

New Year

We praise the Lord for a good year here at Faith Baptist Church. Even though there were many challenges, we never had to miss a service or close our doors. We are asking God for renewed strength and vision as we look forward to a wonderful 2021!


Visas continue to be an ever-increasing challenge here in Tanzania. Many missionaries have had to leave the country. Just yesterday, we submitted the application for visas for Montana and Kellie Morrow, who will be coming to work with us. Please pray that they will be granted their visas. Our visas will be up for renewal in April. Please pray that there will not be obstacles with ours as well.


Jerry & Rachel Wyatt