Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter:  Our Outreach to Egypt Is Now on the AirThank You for Partnering with Us as We Reach the People of Cairo! We have been busy throughout the holiday season, as God has extended His reach in the 10-40 Window. Cairo, Egypt, is one of the largest cities in the world, approaching 22 million people. Using a carefully defined method of social-media targeting, we are able to reach this city where a man of God pastors. Pastor G is a fundamental Baptist national, who has men and women ready to serve the people we are reaching. With those boots on the ground, we believe God will use the template God has given us to reach souls in Afghanistan, Morocco, and Dearborn, Michigan. After months of preparation, God has finally enabled us to “go public.” Please pray for Pastor G, as we partner with him for God’s glory!

PROGRESS from 2021 to Current

Please Pray for These:

• I’ve had 6 men, including 5 former Muslims, helping me in this work. A seventh, Lord willing, should be joining us soon.
• Last year, we saw more than 400,000 people reach out through 3 of these 4 ministries. Please pray for God to bless the retention of these seekers. Comparatively, the number is modest, but it is steady . . . and growing.
• We have seen 18 Muslims trust Christ through 2021. Untold numbers have not contacted us; God’s Word does not return void!
• In Afghanistan alone, we now have 48 people signed up and actively involved in our live weekly Bible studies.
• Since last summer, I have been preaching weekly to a class of Iranian believers through a Farsi-language translator. In the ensuing months, we have had numbers of Afghani seekers migrate into the class, interested to know about Christ. PLEASE PRAY for these dear seekers, as many are hearing the Gospel.
• Our ongoing goal is to disciple leaders. We are working with a Persian missionary, who is translating an excellent Bible college curriculum into the Farsi language. Our next step will be to see it translated into Arabic.
• In the past 2 months, I have seen 6 trust Christ in personal soul winning.


I told you in recent months about an Afghani woman named Z___, a young single woman with a baby. They were abandoned by the father and were destitute. Thanks to your giving, we were able to help her leave Afghanistan and get into Iran. Z___ was desperate to leave but showed little initial interest in learning about Christ. But because compassion makes a difference, Z___ has sought us out and has attended two of our recent Bible studies. Please pray for her salvation!

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and love during 2021. My family and I had a wonderful Christmas.

Gratefully in His service,

Missionary #6505