Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter: Back to SchoolSchool has finally reopened! In the middle of January after ten months of no school, the government allowed schools to meet again. A lot can change in ten months, so we didn’t know how many of our students would return. We also didn’t know if we would get many new people seeking admission. We thank God that most of our students did return, and we also were able to admit many new students. We have already had eight of our new students profess faith in Christ this year!

We have 119 children in our KG1 and KG2 this year. These classes are largely comprised of children who are four to six years old. Please pray for us as we work to sow the seed of the Gospel to these young ones. Pray that those who can understand will believe on Christ, and pray that good groundwork will be laid for those who cannot yet properly understand the Gospel.

We also have a record high of 35 students in 1st grade! Please pray for these and other older students who have not yet trusted Christ alone for salvation to see their need and to get saved this year. Please pray that the seeds sown in previous years will bear fruit in their lives this year.

Please also pray that we would reach the children’s family members. Joyce is the mother of one of our new students. She didn’t have a church, so she decided to try the church of her child’s new school. Joyce got saved, baptized, and joined the church. Please pray that we would have wisdom to make and take advantage of opportunities to reach others also through our school.

Fruit to Your Account

Benjamin is one of our Bible college students, and he has a heart for children’s ministry. Benjamin is a soul winner, but he told me that he found it difficult to give the Gospel to children in a way that they could understand.

After just a few weeks of going soul winning with me, Benjamin was able to give the Gospel to a group of children from Muslim backgrounds. At the end, four of the children professed that they had trusted Jesus to save them! Benjamin continues to gain skill in witnessing to children.

Alfred is part of my soul-winning group, and in the last couple of months, he has also started to win souls!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen