Ron Back Prayer Letter: Annual Sweetheart BanquetGod is so good! Thank you for praying. I am still recovering from my surgery, still a bit sore, but my mobility is coming back well. Mary and her baby are continuing to do well, with no complications in sight. We want to shout and praise the Lord for this.

COVID restrictions here seem to get crazier every day. They will loosen up restrictions one week, and during that week, they seem to tighten them back up. At this point, people seem not to know what to do. Oh, the Australian Open went ahead, with 3,000 attending one day and none the next with total lockdown—but still tennis. Crazy!

We were able to have our annual Sweetheart Banquet, with nine couples attending. It was nice to see the young people serving the married people in the church. We even had live music, with violin and piano beautifully played by church family.

So far this year, we have also seen four people profess Christ through the Food Bank Ministry. We are having a hard time reaching people, but the Lord saw fit to bring these to us. We had a local tradesman come to the house, and I was praising the Lord that I was able to give him a tract and give him the Gospel. He didn’t receive Christ as his Saviour, but he took the tract and told me he would read it and possibly visit the church. It is surprising to me how that even when people are facing losing their freedoms and their way of life, they still refuse to look to Christ and accept God’s Word as true. Please pray for Dave (or Dav-o) to receive Christ as his Saviour.

We have had several people visit Calvary Baptist Church, and some have even come back. So, we know people are still looking for the Lord, and our efforts need to continue seeking them. We had one family join the church last month; they have been attending for over a year. Please pray for the Molesworths, as their family struggles during these times.

Please pray for us, as there is a total ban on international travel for us here in Australia. They also passed the legislation for conversion therapy; i.e., reading your Bible to, praying for, or encouraging a homosexual to cease from being gay. In ten months, it will be full law, with a penalty of 10 years or $10,000. Please pray for us to continue to do as we have done in the past—preach God’s Word fully.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia