Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Civil Unrest Continues in HaitiWhen Theresa and I came out of Haiti this past summer due to the violent demonstrations throughout the country, I did not foresee that the civil unrest would escalate. Schools have not opened their doors this fall. Transportation continues to be interrupted. Businesses, banks, and local outdoor markets are afraid to open their doors. Gangs repeatedly prevent people from seeking medical attention.

There were already serious economic, educational, nutritional, medical, and cultural issues that needed to be addressed in Haiti; but in many areas of the country, the nationals are finding themselves in a state of anarchy. Most of the time since arriving in 2008, there has been relative peace and security on our field. The number of killings and kidnappings that are happening now is very alarming.

We will try to discern the Lord’s timing to plan our return. In the meantime, I may be reached by phone at 219.743.9144 or by email at if you would like us to personally update you about our ministry.

Theresa and I send our regards and prayers for the upcoming holidays. We appreciate you and your support.


Keith and Theresa Baker