Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: They Receive Christ Everywhere!We are thankful for you. We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful that this year we found turkeys at the cheapest price ever for our area. I was stunned and only picked up one, but as I walked away, I realized that Christmas was also just around the corner. It was almost like stealing, they were so cheap! Oh yes, I bought two. The turkeys here are small because they don’t use steroids to grow them fast. They have so much flavor.

We are thankful for prayer. I was soul winning with Mario, and we talked to Cynthia, the owner of a small store. A client walked up, so I shut up. He left, and I continued. Another client walked up, and I shut up. I told Mario to pray that no more clients would walk up as I presented the Gospel. He prayed; I prayed. The store owner returned, and I was able to share the Gospel without any more interruptions. She received Christ!

We are thankful for odd opportunities to share the Gospel. Before going into the bank, I gave the man watching cars a tract to read. When I returned, I explained the tract, and Mauro received Christ!

We are thankful that our ministry carries us to many different areas in Argentina. We were helping a new missionary to Argentina with his first service and led 2 to saving faith in Christ.

We are thankful for your prayers. As I talked with my sending-/home-church pastor back in July, we both agreed that prayer was the most important thing in sustaining a Christ-honoring ministry. Please pray for our health and safety. After 35 days of constant headaches, I seem to be okay. Susie’s struggles with bronchitis seem to have abated.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson