John Hays Prayer Letter:  His Water Boy

We are sending 237 chlorine generators to Panama. Let me share about one village in Panama (see pictures below). We traveled about an hour beyond Penonomé to train a group of folks on the chlorine generators. They responded by recommitting their lives to the Lord and volunteering to take on these projects. They drink surface rain water that is not treated. So many of them suffer from water-borne illnesses! Now they will take the Gospel and safe drinking water to their local communities.

We received a good report from Myanmar, where 87 Hays chlorine generators have been distributed (see the picture on the right). In the city of Pindaya (two hours from Taunggyi), which is an almost completely Buddhist community of around 200,000 people, the pastor has a small, house-church ministry. We provided him and three other missionaries of surrounding towns with education on the Hays generator. They were very receptive and excited.

Team Peru and I will be distributing 10 Khlor Gen Systems into jungle villages near Iquitos, Peru, in March. We will be traveling there in a small boat.

Another 100 will be distributed in Moyobamba, Peru, in April. The Gospel will be given. Please pray (1) for our safety, (2) that there will be no customs issues, and (3) that many will be saved.

Your prayers and support are appreciated and needed.

His water boy,

John Hays