Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Third Anniversary in FormosaWe are giving thanks daily and praying for you and your ministries. The goal is to reach the world for Christ’s sake, and because of you, this is happening. Thank you for your faithfulness.

We are firing on all cylinders here, and the work moves forward. The new church plant has new people every service, and we actively started looking for a bigger building on the 28th of February. Our little building (room) only holds 32, but every week we have folks sitting outside on the sidewalk wanting to hear the Word of God. It’s very exciting to see the Lord working in the hearts of so many—myself included.

I recently preached the first service of a Missions Conference, and while I preached, the Lord laid it on my heart to increase our Faith Promise giving by $25.00. Of course, Susie was on board with the increase. It’s such a joy to have a godly, Spirit-filled wife.

The Lord is blessing our soul-winning efforts in a mighty way. This month 21 people received Christ, we stood praying as 19 souls received Him, and we gave out 30 Bibles. Who knows what He does with all the tracts we leave on the gates of those not home and don’t want to answer the door? Isn’t it exciting?!

We will soon be going to the Formosa Province, where we started our first church in 2016, to go soul winning and help the people celebrate the third anniversary of their church. We didn’t get to go last year because a strong storm washed out the main road through the desert two weeks before the anniversary. Pastor Molina is doing a great job, and his son has now come to help his dad in the work. We will carry tracts and Bibles with us when we go.

At this moment, Susie has the flu. It has settled in her lungs, and she is homebound. Pray that this second round of antibiotics works. She misses her Sunday school class and knocking on doors. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just getting older, and after working in a factory for 32 years and walking daily on rocky roads here, I’m going to have many pains. What a blessing it is to get older—some don’t.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson