Jeremy and Sandra Barker Prayer Letter: Steady as We Go!We are so very grateful for each one of you. We regularly pray for each of our supporting churches and think of you often. We can feel your prayers and wholeheartedly believe that the safety we experience while traveling, the meetings we’ve booked, the support we’ve raised, the minimized expenses we’ve had, and the good health we’ve enjoyed are due in large part to your faithful petitions to our wonderful Heavenly Father.

In the month of December, we were in 13 different churches, with Freedom Baptist Church of Rural Hall, North Carolina; Pleasant View Baptist Church of Eden, North Carolina; and Kimesville Road Baptist Church of Burlington, North Carolina; taking us on for support, with 2 others stating they would vote in the next few weeks.

It’s truly wonderful getting the opportunity to go soul winning in so many different areas across the country. Currently, we have meetings scheduled in 30 different states, and witnessing firsthand the varying responses to the Gospel has been a blessing. We continue to take our four children with us as much as possible, which has opened numerous doors for us. I only recall a small handful of times where someone has not taken a tract from one of our children, and they look forward to the opportunity to pass them out.

After eight months of deputation, we have no desire to let up, so please continue to pray for us to continue to book meetings and raise support. Pray also for our health, for safety as we travel, that we can be a blessing to the churches we visit, and for divine appointments in soul winning. If you or your church has something specific you would like us to pray for, please email me.

Working hard to bring fruit to your account,

Jeremy, Sandra, Carina, Barrett, Henry, & Alex Barker