Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter:  Over 2,400 Souls Hearing and Accepting the GospelWe rejoice with you in the blessings, events, and good tidings taking place in the Kingdom of Thailand. Thank you for your prayers, your support, and your personal walk with our Lord, all of which result in an increase of Christianity in a country steeped in historically false directives. Thank you also for praying for my wife Sarah, as she is doing much, much better now. In November and December, with strength from above, our Team Thailand visited several public schools, where over 3,000 students heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Of those, over 2,000 chose to accept Christ as their Saviour. In Nong Phlap, the Christmas Big Day service brought 607 people to church, with over 100 salvations. At the same time in Hua Hin, the Christmas Big Day service brought 544 people to church, with over 300 salvations. In total, 1,151 souls were in church, with over 400 salvations. Wow! God is good!

Back in November, Bro. Tim Shook asked me to teach the adult Sunday school class in Hua Hin. Happily doing so, I teach Sunday school at 10:00 a.m. in Hua Hin and then go out to Nong Phlap for the second service at 11:20 a.m., where I preach every other week. Sarah runs the Junior Church during this second hour, while my kids are able to learn and be involved in both churches. It is a joy for us to be involved in both churches each Sunday, fellowshipping, teaching, learning, and growing in the Lord together.

Also back in November, Team Thailand began practicing a comprehensive, one-hour presentation/play to give to our local public school kids. During these school programs, up to 30-plus church staff and volunteers helped in the delivery of the program. Much prayer was invested in the preparation and execution. The program included games and an English lesson, leading into a full reenactment of the Christmas Story and followed by a thorough Gospel presentation. Lastly, gifts of long, colorful Christmas tinsel were given to every student, along with Gospel tracts, the books of John & Romans, and an invitation to church. Our own sound system was used in every school to be sure that everyone could hear clearly. It was honestly so much work for everyone, but it was worth it multiple times over. We praise God for answering prayers and delivering the victories. The joy and smiles on the students and teachers, post salvation, were forever memorable. This year was the first since COVID that the schools have been open to outsiders; we are so thankful for the open door God has given. To God be the glory for the amazing results. Thank you for praying, and certainly, we thank all of those here in Thailand who made great efforts for the Lord in delivering this program. There is a lot more I could share here, but the whole thing was tremendously rewarding, to serve the Lord in such a direct capacity. All of us grew, staff and church members, in this important endeavor, seeing 2,010 salvations.

Upon completion of the school programs, all attention shifted to the December 24 Big Day church services. We had been preparing, planning, and setting up a location, starting in late October. We utilized the King’s Park Pavilion again. Over 50 Nong Phlap church members helped us get ready on Saturday, moving the entire church to the park and setting up 430 chairs. There were three, 45-minute services for the adults. Over 400 adults showed up on a beautiful, crisp, cool morning. In fact, God brought the temperatures to a very unusually cool 77 degrees for just the days of December 23, 24, & 25. Fifty yards away from the pavilion, Sarah planned many special activities and programs in the Junior Church building, with 183 kids attending. The kids reenacted the Christmas Story and sang music specials, and each child received a Christmas gift. For the adults, we gave large ceramic coffee mugs, which they really like, so much so that we keep hearing back about how much they appreciate the mugs. The average cost for each gift was $0.81. They are such humble and thankful people. Once again, like the school programs, I was amazed at the joyful hearts and sweet fellowship, all in thanks to and reverence of our great God. On Sunday, when all was finished, over 100 members helped us pack up, clean up, and make the original church building seem as if nothing had happened, putting everything back, clean and organized.

Well, we are happy and exhausted. Christmas was amazing this year, thanks be to God. Our family thanks you over and over again. May God bless your 2024 with grace, safety, good health, and joy in service.

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Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman and Family