Ian and Czarinna Vincent Prayer Letter: Vacation Bible SchoolI can now say that I have done my first meeting doing a weeklong Vacation Bible School in a church in Colorado! It was a fun and unique opportunity that was presented to my family and me. This was Edward’s first Vacation Bible School, and he was often the center of attention! We praise the Lord that we not only got to engage with and minister to kids but also that I was able to lead one young boy to the Lord.

While traveling back to Kentucky from this Vacation Bible School in Colorado, we were able to make a quick stop near Dallas, Texas, and received a donation of 52 nearly brand-new songbooks at no cost to us! This was an extremely great blessing from the Lord! As you recall in the previous letter, our church in the Philippines just bought a new digital piano, and we plan to put these songbooks to great use. We were able to get these songbooks just by simply answering a Facebook post from a church that was giving these songbooks away to anyone who could use them. Last year, we also received about 40 of the same songbooks from a church that was closing, so we now have enough songbooks for our church, for two of our extension churches (chapels), and for our home Bible studies.

Another first that I got to experience was that I was able to preach in a church in a foreign country without being physically present there! A Filipino missionary in Thailand, which our church and our family support monthly, had me preach his English midweek service through a Zoom video call using the internet. My wife also got the opportunity to give her testimony during the service. I’m so grateful for every opportunity that God gives to us to preach the Gospel and be a light for Jesus.

Let your light so shine before men,

Ian & Czarinna Vincent