Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Wedding Bells and Salvation BellsThank you to our faithful, prayerful friends in seeing God further the work here in Thailand. Our supporting churches continue to be faithful in their giving (financial and spiritual), encouraging us to be even more faithful here in what God would have us to do. Our IBC-Nong Phlap church performed its second wedding this year, salvations took place both in and out of the church, and our soul-winning and visitation schedule has increased. Spiritual growth in our church members, adults and children, has taken place, even with all of the restrictions. Just a thought: God created us and the world, and there is no obstacle He cannot overcome!

Damee and Si Si were married on November 15, 2021

Back inAugust of this year, a faithful church couple, both 22 years old, dedicated their dating relationship and future marriage to the Lord. Damee and Si Si had been dating for about two years and relayed to Pong, Star, and me that they wanted to be married at the church once things generally returned to normal (COVID restrictions lifted). In the weeks following, Pastor Pong, our Thai national pastor, taught a weekly series of lessons and sermons on marriage to help this young couple, along with helping other single and married members of the church. Pastor Pong is showing growth through his pastoral experience, being a chief servant with his heart pointed toward the Lord. To me, this is as exciting to see as the marriage. Damee works construction, has a very optimistic outlook, always attends our discipleship studies, and is a well-balanced young man with great potential for God. Si Si, a sister to one of our married ladies in the church, admired Damee for his love for the Lord and clean living. She is a boost to the church in her desire to grow in the Lord, along with her good relationships with many of our church ladies. In the end, the church wedding was a well-attended, great success, as this young couple set an example to many—meet and marry the way God would prefer (with no regrets).

Expanded Soul-Winning Schedule

We’re out at least four good windows a week now, not including the church services. We are having a great time giving the Gospel. Pong, Star, and I have been desirous of increasing in our carrying out of the Great Commission. There are so many unreached people here in South-Central Thailand. In addition, a new campaign began, distributing tracts and the books of John & Romans to many homes near the church. Below are some of the precious souls that have been saved as we happily and obediently go out each week.

Attendances and Online Viewership Increase Each Week

Thank you for your prayers that the in-person church services would resume successfully. We have not had issues with the services, and attendance and viewership are building. Hard work goes into carrying out the schedules, meeting member needs, and keeping ourselves healthy. We are thankful for your prayers!

Had a Wonderful Thanksgiving with Our Thailand Team

Our family had the honor of hosting Thanksgiving for our team families this year. It is always a blessing to work and fellowship with like-minded friends, celebrating an important American holiday together. Every family combined efforts for the food. They do sell turkeys here, but at a premium (no Walmart specials in Thailand).

Junior Church and Our Wednesday Night Kids’ Programs

Our church kids, including our own kids, represent the future of the ministries here. Sarah grew up with kids’ programs and teachers who invested great time and energies into programs and lessons they taught. She wants the same for our church children here. Every week, she prepares lessons for Wednesday night and Sunday morning. The kids are learning about missionaries in history, memorizing a lot of Bible verses, learning Scripture songs. They are also working on a program leading into Christmas. Their retention has been encouraging, as they eagerly answer questions. As the importance of God’s Word is taught, it means so much to have a young child run up to you, holding their first Bible, and saying with a huge smile and glowing eyes, “Look, Teacher, I have my own Bible!”

So very thankful for you! May your Christmas be bright and joyous in our Saviour, Jesus, the King of kings!

Grateful to Serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family