Ezequiel Martinez Prayer Letter:  Baptismal Service for Church in SurcoOn our side of the equator, we have ended our winter season and are headed into spring. Our winter season here in Peru ended with a great blessing. In our previous letter, we mentioned that we were planning to have a baptismal Sunday at the end of August. For several weeks as we were planning for this special Sunday, we asked the church family to pray that those who were planning to be baptized wouldn’t back out and to pray that their families would come and be a part of this special service with them.

On August 31, it was a great blessing to see a few people get saved who were visiting and relatives of those who were to be baptized. Among those to be baptized who came to the service were Juan, Grace, and Victor. Juan’s mom, dad, and younger brother came; and all 3 trusted Christ. Not only did Juan’s family come and trust Christ, but some of Grace’s relatives also came. One of them likewise trusted Christ that night.

After our service in Surco, many of our church members got into several cars and headed over to the baptistery in our team’s main church in Chorrillos. Glory to God! I had the privilege to baptize Juan, Grace, and Victor! The baptistery water was a bit cold for them, but as their pastor I am very proud of each of them and their decision to be baptized. Unfortunately, 2 others were supposed to be baptized but could not make it. We ask that you please be in prayer with us for Elizabeth and Julio to finalize their decision to be baptized soon. Pray that their family members will also have the opportunity to trust Christ.

Our church had the privilege of seeing another blessing recently. Solange, one of our faithful ladies, had been asking prayer at our Thursday night services for her best friend, Marita Cruz, to get saved. Praise the Lord! About a month later, Marita Cruz showed up at a Sunday morning service and got saved. Solange now has plans to invite some of her other friends to also have the opportunity to get saved. She plans to invite them on her birthday for a breakfast at our church on October 19. We ask that you pray with us and Solange for more of her friends to get saved.

I would like to thank you for your prayers for my wife and her pregnancy. She is about six months along and is doing well; however, we ask you to please keep us in your prayers. We are planning to go to the States for my wife to deliver the baby. After Priscila and Ezequiel were born, there were a few problems that happened. After talking to a few doctors, we have decided it is best that we go to the States to be under the care of my wife’s doctor and our kids’ pediatrician who have the medical histories. During the time that we will be away, my brother-in-law and team member, Mark Rader, will be overseeing our church. We ask you to please pray for Mark and our ministry here in Peru.

It is a great pleasure to serve God. Thank you for making it possible through your faithful prayers and support.

The Martinez Family