Elias and Robyn Correa Prayer Letter:  Miles 4 MissionsWings Bearing Precious Seed shipped a container of Scriptures to Malawi for Campaigns for Christ. Pictured above on the left is a lady with her old, tattered Bible in one hand and her new Bible from that shipment in the other. Many others received the Word of God during that campaign too.

In the picture on the right, the container of Telugu Scriptures we shipped to India is being unloaded. Please pray that the Word of God will set them free in Malawi, India, and the many other places that have and will receive the Word of God.

In April and May, we shipped Arabic Scriptures to Lebanon, Spanish Scriptures to Mexico, as well as Scriptures to Serbia, Micronesia, and the Philippines. Please continue to pray for shipments that are being held up in customs in Nigeria, Ecuador, and Pakistan. Also pray for our shipments and upcoming trips to Chile and Brazil.

Another 10,000 Spanish Bibles are in production. Please consider giving towards this need. Five dollars will provide one Bible.
Will you help us smuggle Scriptures into restricted nations in order to evangelize the lost and edify persecuted Christians?

My wife and I will be holding our Miles 4 Missions fundraiser once again this year! We will ride our bicycles across the entire state of Michigan in an effort to raise funds for Scriptures. Please help us by donating any amount.

Thank you for everything. We appreciate you all very much!

Elias & Robyn Correa