Dave Whitmore Prayer Letter:  "THANK YOU" from the U.S.!“THANK YOU” From the U.S.,

March 4–6: New Life Baptist Church in Taubaté had its first missions conference, and we were able to take on two more missionary projects (for a total of three). We were challenged and helped by the preaching of a Brazilian national pastor who has led his people to currently support 33 missionaries through Faith Promise missions.

The day after the conference, we were saddened to hear that a young man who lived close to Bro. Ed Johnson, our pastor, was killed while trying to rob a jewelry store. Since before the church started on September 19, 2015, Bro. Ed had invested much time in this young man. He never came to church; nor, to our knowledge, did he put his trust in Jesus for salvation. The next day Bro. Ed preached the boy’s funeral, and 4 people raised their hands, acknowledging that they had chosen to trust Jesus as their only hope for Heaven.

Later that day our family traveled to the U.S. for a four-month furlough. Three days after landing, Nathan (18) had his high school graduation. The next week all of us got our eyes examined, with Timothy (16) and Karlene (14) joining the “four-eyes” group. Nathan and Timothy also started driver’s training and are learning the rules of the road.

Our family was honored to participate in the missions conference at First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, on March 20 – 23. How we praise the LORD for our friend and pastor, Pastor John Wilkerson, and the families of our home church!

From there we drove 16 hours straight to Brooksville, Florida, to be with Pastor James (Ed) Caskey. We were able to help with the teen activity on Friday evening, the choir outreach at the local flea market on Saturday morning, and present our ministry during the morning service on Easter Sunday. What a blessing it is to see friends faithfully serving our Saviour.

We have also been in Smyrna, Tennessee, with Pastor Paul Chisgar; in Theodore, Alabama, with Pastor Randy Tewell for a men/boys’ outing; in Gulfport, Mississippi, with Pastor Stephen Crane and with the BEAMS Ministry. From there we were in Louisville, Kentucky, where we met the new pastor, Pastor Dave Delaney, and stayed at the Indian Creek Baptist Camp, where Nathan will be working (with our oldest daughter Kelley) for the summer in preparation for moving into the dorms at Hyles-Anderson College.

This past Sunday we were in Springboro, Ohio, with Pastor Rick Carr to present our ministry. He and two of his members traveled to Brazil this past September to help invite families to the opening services at NLBC in Taubaté.

Praise the LORD for the 8 people we have seen trust Jesus as their Saviour over the past month! Please pray for the other two families of Team Brazil as they are starting off a four week program with family pictures.

Please pray for Kelley as she graduates from Hyles-Anderson College and seeks God’s direction for her life. Also pray for our oldest son David, as he is presently in England for six weeks as part of his Army Ranger program.

We are grateful for your prayers and financial giving that we may continue sharing Jesus with the PEOPLE of Brazil.

Dave + Dawn and Children