Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Loving the MinistryLoving the Ministry

This year we have seen some disappointments of people we had dreams for and it didn’t work out, but all in all, it’s been a great year of growth. What a thrill it is to be in the ministry in the first place! This year has been a great year of Bible study and soul winning! To this point, we have had 117 visitors in church and 78 souls saved for the year. This means that 686 people have been saved through our ministry since we came up to the Northwest in 2008! We have now have been in Preston for over five years and believe that we have been able to plant a solid ministry here and have a great facility and reception in our community. Our platform and effectiveness are growing. Thanks for your prayers and help. Things are happening.

Salvation Testimonies

It’s been exciting recently. Over the years we have given out thousands of Gospel tracts, and hundreds of people have come to church. Recently David started coming to our Wednesday night Bible study. Two years ago I gave him a Bible, as he came a few times to church. He disappeared but then reappeared recently at the Bible study. He told me that he picked the Bible up in April and has been reading two chapters a day every day since. Shortly after, he trusted Christ for Heaven and is now meeting me for Bible studies. Another man named Arthur recently called me and asked for help. I had witnessed to him two months ago out soul winning. Recently he has trusted Christ, and we are studying the Bible together to help him grow in his new faith. What a joy it is that the Holy Spirit is using His Gospel and the Word of God to save souls and change lives.

Daniel Is Doing Well

We are excited to see that Daniel is doing well with school, work, his ministry, and church. Recently he led some people to Christ! It is a tremendous blessing to see our children upholding the same values that we have held dear. It’s wonderful to realize that Daniel is spending his Saturdays out on his bus route in Chicago, just like we did over two decades ago. We are thrilled that Hyles–Anderson College is still there for our kids, just as it was for us. Recently, during a visit at the Homecoming Conference, I was able to see first-hand how he is doing. It was also a blessing to travel to some churches in New England and Illinois; I was treated very kindly and graciously. It was great to see dear friends! Thanks again for your kindness.

Prayer Requests

I hope that many are still praying for Brother Darrell Moore as he continues forward in his knee surgery and recovery. We are praying and hoping that he will be able to be with us in September to preach and counsel us in our ministry.

Please continue to pray for grace and strength for Mary Beth’s mom, Nyna Kaminer. She is now under hospice care at home and battles daily with pain and breathing difficulties. My father, Ron Solt, is struggling with dementia and Mom (Anne) with the challenges of being his caregiver. The long distance certainly weighs on us at times like these.

If we could open the future windows of Heaven, would we see the faces of those saved as a result of the missionary endeavors in which we have invested prayer and support? Absolutely! Amen!

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy