Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Thailand Bound and A Great Opportunity for LandThank you for praying for Sarah and me. We know your prayers have made a huge impact on our healing, health, and spirit. Our doctors have given us a pre-clearance green light for late December. Just this past week, plane tickets were purchased for our family to return to Thailand on January 10, 2020. The Lord gave us optimally timed and priced, one-way plane tickets, departing out of Chicago. We’re very excited to return to the country to which God has called us, working directly with our team and churches there, reaching more and more with the unstoppable power of Jesus.

A huge answer to prayer has been that all the legal hurdles of visas, passports, and work permits have also been achieved. Thankfully, upon our return to Thailand, we will also have the tools necessary to defend us from the health plagues we experienced this year. We praise the Lord over and over for God’s healing and grace, along with God’s servants who’ve constantly encouraged and prayed for us.

While we’ve been here in the States, we have been blessed with many opportunities to give the Gospel. One such opportunity was Khun Yupin. Yupin’s daughter KC is on hospice. KC has trusted in Jesus and wants her mom to trust in Jesus also. We were able to give the Gospel in Thai to Yupin. Please pray for Yupin. She told us she knows she needs to believe in Jesus but is not ready to let go of her culture and tradition.

On the ground in Thailand, there have been many exciting things happening concerning our team and churches. Outside of many special church services, activities, regular soul winning, souls being saved, the tearing down of idols, and discipleship sessions, a very large blessing of opportunity has come our way. After 11 years of renting buildings, sacrificially giving, and faithfully praying for God to give us a permanent location, He has wonderfully provided the opportunity to own land.

This land offers financial freedom to forgo the monthly rents and construct a church, Bible college, orphanage, and much more to reach the Thailand people and to pour our energies into a permanent hub for the Lord that will far outlast our lifetimes. Thailand needs strong, multigenerational, Christian hubs to further radiate the light of Jesus across the centuries of man-made, misguided religion. Thailand is receptive to the Gospel. I ask you to consider prayerfully an investment, which will be carefully stewarded.

Video link which relays the opportunity: Thailand Team Land – Video

Video link of land coordinates:

Donation links: Mighty Cause Crowd Funding – Team Thailand Land • Team Land

Once again, thank you for “keeping our arms raised” during our health trials. We are more grateful than ever before. Looking back, I already see the hand and the strengthening of the Lord in our lives, which we want to share and broadcast to the many who need Jesus in Thailand. There is much to do. Thank you for making a difference in the Great Commission and personally for me and my family.


Bro. Chad Inman

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