Brian George Prayer Letter: Thank You for Your Faithful Prayers and SupportMany greetings to you! We would like to thank you for your faithful prayers and support. Here in Argentina, we are still in quarantine for COVID-19. We are required to stay at home and only go out to purchase groceries. The quarantine started on March 19—we just went over 100 days! The government is allowing stores and business to open up again. Just two weeks ago, the restaurants, along with the casinos and lottery houses, also opened back up. Because of social distancing, no events have been allowed. This includes dance halls, soccer fields, social gatherings, churches, house parties, weddings, and funerals. The only social gatherings that are allowed—with strict limits—are weddings, with up to 10 people and only family members, and funerals, again with up to 10 people and only family allowed. Churches are allowed to open just for prayer and with a limit of 20 people. We have opened up our church for our people to come. They are required to wear a face mask, and they must wash their hands and clean their shoes as they enter the church. We are also taking their temperatures as they enter the church. We are still going forward with these limitations and seeing a lot of new people reached. We are also seeing first-time visitors come to church. The government has given me and all of the pastors who work with us permission to circulate and visit our people. Praise the Lord!

We are passing out food to our people and many others who have lost their jobs and cannot work during this crisis. We would like to thank the ones who have given funds for food for the needy. Our people are very grateful for the bags of groceries passed out.

We are doing our services online via Facebook Live and WhatsApp. We are doing online devotionals on a daily basis and also sending out classic sermons in Spanish on a daily basis.

Just a few days back, I was able to go door-to-door soul winning in a new neighborhood. I went with 2 partners. We walked 12 blocks and talked to a lot of people for 3 hours. We passed out many Gospel tracts and were able to lead 7 through the plan of salvation. Praise the Lord! We have been invited back to hold outside services in this neighborhood. The people are open to the Gospel. We have groups of soul winners going out during the week, and they always come back with exciting reports of people who were saved and how open the people are to the Gospel.

Please pray for our safety. Pray for protection around us as we serve the Lord! Pray that the government officials will open up the churches. Pray for the protection of our lives and house!

For souls,

Brian R. George and Family