Abraham Avila Prayer Letter:  Appreciation for Their SalvationDear Pastor and Praying Friends,

Appreciation for Their Salvation

My children have gone soul winning with my wife and me since they were infants. I remember the weird looks we were given many a time when we knocked on doors with our children in our arms or in their strollers. The years have passed, and now my children are a little older. My family and I are no longer in the beautiful USA, yet we still get weird looks as we walk around town with our children here in Lima, Peru. Many are baffled at the sight of a five-member family walking together down a street passing out tracts and sharing the Gospel. I have received many questions: “You are not from here, are you?” “Are all these children yours?” My favorite is, “Is this some kind of club?”

If you have read my past letters, you will have noticed that my family and I tend to take children from church with us when we go soul winning. These children are so impressionable that they enjoy passing out tracts and inviting people to church, so much so that they often do so on their own.

Carlos and his visitor, Juan (suit & tie)

Carlos and his visitor, Juan (suit & tie)

A few weeks ago Carlos, a young boy I have been working with, showed up to night church on his own—but not alone. There was Carlos, beaming with joy, standing next to his friend Juan. It was a beautiful sight. Later on that week, I asked Carlos how all that had come to be. He stated, “I wanted my friend to be happy like I’m happy. I showed him how to get to Heaven, just like you showed us, and then he came to church.” It turns out that Carlos has been witnessing to his friends in school and has been inviting them to church as well. It’s great seeing my children’s appreciation for their salvation grow as they see many people come to Christ. It’s equally great seeing my Sunday school kids appreciation for their salvation grow.

A Special Kind of Love

My wife Faby had not seen her parents since we left for Peru in July 2012. I knew that she was missing them sorely. I made some plans to surprise her and presented them to our team leader. Once approved, I surprised her. I was able to send Faby and our youngest son Joaquin to the States this past month. She was very excited to see her family and friends once more. She would often say during our phone calls, “Abe, they (our home church, family, and friends) make me feel very, very loved.” Then she would go on to say what blessing she had received that day. I was overjoyed to know that Faby and Joaquin were being taken care of. My family was showered with hugs, gifts, and kind words. I know my wife said it to you; but I, too, wanted to voice my gratitude. Thank you to everyone who shared and gave to my family. That is a special kind of love that I hope everyone is able to experience many times in their lifetime.

To Be Continued . . .

I am thankful for praying and giving friends such as you. If it weren’t for you, my family and I would not be able to be here in Lima, Peru. We love you and pray for you often. I pray that the Lord continues to bless you and your family.

I have included links below for more information and pictures of the various ministries of Team Peru (IBI). Please feel free to share them with friends and families who may ask, “Hey, what is Team Peru up to?”


Prayer Requests:

• Safety for our family, our team leader Dan Hubbard, and the other families of Team Peru
• Additional monthly financial support


• Many souls have been saved.
• My children were showered with presents from their friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.
• I was able to spend a lot of valuable time with Marco and Lani during my wife’s trip. Many good memories were made.
• Faby brought me some of my favorite candy: peanut butter cups, Whatchamacallit candy bars, and Vero Mango lollipops.

Thank you once again for your prayers and support.

Your co-laborers to Peru,

Abraham, Fabiola, Marco, Leilani, and Joaquin Avila