Angel Lopez Prayer Letter:  Please Pray for Bro. Luis!“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength . . . .” (Isaiah 40:31)

First of all, I want to say thank you for your prayers and faithful support. Every prayer and all your support are greatly appreciated and used for the Lord’s work here in Guatemala.

Jail Ministry/Bro. Luis

In the month of April, my brother in Christ, Bro. Luis, saw 15 more people added to the Bible study that meets every Friday, along with the church service where he preaches every Tuesday. He also saw 12 more baptized and 30 more people saved. Praise the Lord! Please pray for Bro. Luis, as his trial will start on Monday, May 11.

Santa Catarina Pinula

Bro. Madrid and his family saw 41 people saved for the Lord this past month. In addition to this, they have a started a one-hour discipleship class, which is given at the home of those who are interested in becoming more educated with being a follower of Christ. Our attendance for our church service on Monday was 35 people. For the midweek service, which is held on Thursdays, there were 35 as well.

Cristo Rey

We have different services that go throughout every single day of the week, starting here in Cristo Rey. Our attendance here has been growing gradually. We have Sunday school and church on Sundays, our midweek service on Wednesdays, and our youth group service on Saturdays. Now we have already started our services in Santa Catarina Pinula. On Monday is the church service, and on Thursday is the midweek service. On Tuesdays Bro. Luis preaches the church service in the jail, and Fridays he has his Bible study there. Practically every day of the week, we are preaching the Gospel here in Guatemala. The Lord has opened these doors, and we are seeing that the Gospel will be preached. The Lord surely is here with us.


My furlough dates are May 19 to June 16, 2015. Please make a note and let me know if you would like me and my family to visit your church during this time and present our ministry here in Guatemala.

Thank you again with my deepest gratitude for your prayers and your support in reaching the lost for Christ.


Angel Lopez
Missionary to Guatemala

110 salvations
13 baptisms