Mark Rader Prayer Letter:  God Is Busy in PeruGod has been so busy during March and April here in Peru. More has happened than we can remember. It would be impossible to share all that he has done for us in one letter, but it’s still fun to try.

March 1 was our inauguration service for our new property. The honor was ours to have Bro. Jeremy Snipes preach for us. Seventy-five were in attendance, and many visitors were saved.

We have been very busy with remodeling and maintenance. More of our church people are getting involved with the fun. They have come at various times during the week to build walls, repair walls, mud walls, sand walls, paint walls, run conduit through walls, install lights, sand wood, hang doors, lacquer wood, install rails, repair floors, wax floors, and clean, clean, clean. We now have a team of ladies who come every week to help with the cleaning. Many of our members have donated items for the church. Bro. Chris Williams built a very nice half-height wall with a countertop for our nursery. Pastor Zach Foust came and preached for us. He and his church honored us with a brand-new Lord’s Supper table. I told them that they need to visit more often because we need more furniture. Hee! Hee!

Almost every week people are being saved in our services and by our personal soul winning. The last week of March, we had a church-wide “Day of the Gospel.” Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., we scheduled different families of the church to share the Word. The week before, 16 attended our soul- winning class. The day of the activity, 31 of our church members came and helped. We passed out 8,000 tracts at bus stops, street corners, parks, and the university. A few of our church members were able to personally share the plan of salvation for the first time. God is good! Now more of our members have a desire to win souls.

Team Peru hosted a one-day Pastors’ Workshop. Various families of our church cared for the breakfast. The privilege was ours to begin the day teaching on soul winning. We taught them how to win souls and how to start and maintain a soul-winning church. Then we all went soul winning for an hour. Fourteen were saved that morning. Some led their first soul to Christ, and others decided to start soul winning again. Each of our teammates was able to teach that day, and we are still receiving great reports from the visiting pastors.

Our ladies’ meetings, teens’ meetings, singles’ meetings, and men’s meetings are growing. They have been a great way for us to meet new families and individuals. In March Daniel Kokubun came with his teenagers and helped us officially start our Teen Program. Fifty were in attendance that night.

God is always good to us here. One huge blessing was the privilege to work with a very dear friend and teammate, Daniel Kokubun. The last few days of April were difficult, as we watched and prayed for our friend’s life. We are grateful for the time we shared together with him, and we are thankful that he is now at rest with our Saviour. Hundreds here attended his funeral, and the funeral was excellent in every way. Please continue to pray for his family, especially his wife Heather.

Thank you for all your support, love, and prayers. Thank you for what you do for missionaries everywhere. God bless you. Daniel always referred to his work as “Living the Dream,” so we will close with exactly that.

Living the dream,

Mark, Sarah, Savannah, Paul, & Samuel Rader