Andrew Steers Prayer Letter: Evident Growth in ConvertsAs another Christmas rapidly approaches and we reflect upon the course of 2017, we can praise and thank the Lord for the salvations, baptisms, and growth that has been evident at Coastline Independent Baptist Church. This includes faithful giving of the members, spiritual growth therein, a frequency of visitors, and a continuance in getting the Gospel to the city of Devonport and surrounding areas.

We would ask you to pray for Tim, a young man who has been ever faithful to the Lord, as he prepares to leave for Bible college in America in 2018. He is a servant in every sense of the word and is a faithful witness at work. Please pray especially for his financial needs; as a foreign student, he will not be permitted to work a regular job. Mark, his older brother, recently graduated from Bible college and is interning at a church in Florida for the next year. He believes the Lord is leading him to return to Tasmania to start an independent Baptist church by early 2019. As far as we know, Coastline Baptist is the only soul-winning, independent Baptist church in all of Tasmania.

Please pray for two important people in our church with health needs. Michael just had a pacemaker implanted. Please pray for a speedy recovery and that the pacemaker will resolve some health issues. Gaylene, one of the most faithful ladies of any church, folds the church flyers and assists wherever she can. Pray for her health as she battles Fahr’s Syndrome.

My wife and I recently moved into Devonport. Please note our new field address: 4 Nicholls Street, Devonport, Tasmania 7310, Australia. We had a new neighbor help us move boxes in and welcome us to the neighborhood. We are hoping to meet more neighbors in the coming weeks and have the opportunity to witness to them.

It is a deliberate, prayerful habit of ours never to take your ongoing support for granted; we are eternally grateful for your generosity. The Lord continues to supply our every need, most of which is practically enabled through your support. Thank you again, and Merry Christmas to you all.

In the service of our King,

Bro. Andrew Steers