Team Ghana Update: A Fourth-Generation Church PlantThis month’s update illustrates very well the focus of our ministry here in Ghana.

Two Evangelists

Otchere Boachie just graduated from our Bible college, Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa. James Adjabeng is a senior in our college. Both men were reached by our church and trained to be soul winners. Both have a great zeal to win the lost for Christ, and both are productive members of our church. We will get back to Otchere and James in a few paragraphs.

4th-Generation Church Plant

Our church in Kumasi started the Fundamental Baptist Church of Adwafo. This 2nd-generation church is pastored by our graduate, Collins Agyei. Pastor Collins reached Jonas Osei-Owusu, and together they started a church in Kuntenase, which Jonas now pastors. Pastor Jonas was soul winning in the neighboring village of Jachie and won to Christ a man named Isaac Owusu-Ansah. Isaac started attending the church in Kuntenase. Pastor Jonas began training him and led him to enroll in our Bible college.

Pastors Collins and Jonas also started a church in Jachie. In 2016, Isaac started pastoring this 3rd-generation church plant. Then in November 2017, Pastor Isaac started another church in the village of Petrensa 30 minutes away, making this is 4th-generation church plant (Kumasi –> Adwafo –> Jachie –> Petrensa)! Pastor Isaac leads the services in Jachie at 8 a.m. on Sundays and then travels to Petrensa for their services beginning at 10:30 a.m. He holds a Tuesday evening service in Petrensa and a Wednesday evening service in Jachie.

Evangelistic Week

In January, we sent Otchere and James to help Pastor Isaac for one week. They went soul winning during the days and held services in the evenings. Over 100 people made public professions that week. On Sunday, Pastor Isaac’s Petrensa church had 25 first-time visitors, most of whom continue to attend. Then that Sunday, this new church held its first baptismal service; 24 converts—some visitors and some regulars— were baptized. Praise the Lord! What a blessing it is to serve on such a productive harvest field! Otchere put together this photo album:

Team Family

Thank you for supporting our team families. The team family being featured this month is the Christiansen family. Please take time to read their latest prayer letter:

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader