Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight:  A Street Preacher Trusts ChristTeam Ghana Church Plant and National Pastor Spotlight

Pastor Rexford with convert Bismark

Pastor Rexford (right) brought his convert Bismark to Bible college

A Street Preacher Gets Saved

“Our son constantly says, ‘Take me soul winning.’ He is only two, but he loves to go out with me when I preach the Gospel. That makes my wife and me very happy, because we want to train our children to serve the Lord.

I met Bismark and his two friends as they were preaching on a street one morning. I made an appointment with them to help them understand the Gospel, at which time Bismark and one of the others trusted Christ. In July Bismark enrolled for his first classes at Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa! Pray for Bismark; his heart’s desire is to show all his family and friends the light and to bring them to our church. Pray for my wife as we expect a new baby soon.” Pastor Rexford, Fiapre, Sunyani, Ghana

Pastor Christian Gafatsi and his wife Beauty

Pastor Christian Gafatsi and his wife Beauty

Zeal to Serve God

“Mr. Ramous Deku is a man that I met during my personal soul winning about three weeks ago. He did not attend any church. I spent almost two hours explaining to him how God demonstrated His love to mankind by sending His Son to die for our sins. He believed the Gospel and has now become a faithful member of our church.

Mr. Anthony has been one of our church members for a while. He has a desire and zeal to serve God. He is now a soul winner. Recently he brought a visitor named Kwame to our church.”  Pastor Christian Gafatsi, Bediako, Tema, Ghana


Pastor Frank Effah

“Sabbath” Trusts Christ

“I was able to win Evelyn Homida to Christ while I was going to visit a member of my church who was sick. Homida is an Akan name meaning ‘Sabbath,’ so I realized that she was a Seventh-Day Adventist. I asked her what she believed a person must do to go to Heaven. She replied that one must do good works and obey the Ten Commandments—especially honoring the Sabbath day to keep it holy. I quoted to her from John 9:16-18 and then explained the passage. Later I took her through the plan of salvation, and she did believe the Gospel. Amen.”
Pastor Frank Effah, Kuntsu, Ghana

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