Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Is the Door Reopening?I Corinthians 16:9

Roughly 1,964 years ago, Paul spoke of a great and effectual door opened unto him. At the time, Paul was serving in the same part of the world to which God has called us. We have endured months of roadblocks and lockdowns, but the last several weeks have been filled with encouraging signs that opportunity’s door just might be reopening.

Increased Laborers

One of the signs we are seeing is that of increased laborers. We pray often to the Lord of the harvest to send more. Recently, a new family was added to us. Just a few weeks later, another family was visiting on a survey trip. Right after that, another family joined a team just south of us. Another family is making progress to come our way soon.

Visible Fruit

About a month ago, one of our team members led a lady to the Lord, who is now attending our services and growing in the Lord. A week later, I was able to lead her son to the Lord. Last Friday, we hosted 34 people at our home for a picnic. A couple of boys were baptized. Keep in mind that many in this country have never witnessed a baptism. The little meeting place we have used for several years now is no longer adequate. We have been looking for a new meeting place and hope to move very soon.

Opportunities Everywhere

It seems that God is giving us opportunities to witness everywhere we turn. Not only are we meeting many new people, but people we have been trying to reach for years seem to be more open to dialogue. Two different people contacted us about enrolling in our language program just today. While the family I mentioned earlier was here on their survey trip, we took them to Ephesus. On our way back, we stopped for a restroom break. While there, we began talking with three men who were sitting outside. The one spoke English well. His friend commented that he was surprised we hadn’t asked for his autograph. I asked, “Is he famous?” They were shocked we didn’t know him. I joked, “I am famous too, and he didn’t ask for my autograph either.” Come to find out, the one man was one of the biggest names in this country’s music industry. Even with him, God was opening a door. We speak now on a regular basis, and he is trying to work it out to visit our home to speak more about the faith.

Missionary #6501