Tim Shook Prayer Letter: With God, All Things Are Possible!“And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27)

We wanted to share a few blessings from the past several weeks, as we know it will encourage your hearts. God has continued to bring new people to the church in Hua Hin as a result of our team’s soul-winning and visitation efforts. Many new and regular church members have brought friends and family in recent days also.

At the beginning of November, our family met Model (a 15-year-old girl) and her family while out visiting. That night, Model and four of her family members received Christ. Two days later, Model called Missy and asked if she could come to church on Sunday. She has since been coming every week and has attended two youth activities and a girls’ teen activity. Model invited her best friend Noon to come to church just a few weeks ago, and she, too, has been coming faithfully. Our family gives them a ride to church every week. What a blessing it is to hear the girls talk about reading their Bibles and studying the discipleship books that the teen Sunday school class is going through. Please pray for these young ladies as they learn about God and as they reach out to their families and friends with the Gospel.

Three weeks ago, a group from our church met some teenagers while they were out soul winning. Three young ladies and one young man got saved, among others, that night. The following Sunday, those four young people came to church. The three girls took home the discipleship booklets on baptism and returned the next week with the books filled out and excited about following the Lord in baptism. They got baptized that Wednesday night!

This year has been different in that we were not permitted to do our public-school programs due to COVID restrictions. Our team began to pray about having a special Christmas Sunday. Both church locations planned and prepared for the special day in hopes of having a greater influence in each area for the Gospel.

The church in Hua Hin passed out flyers and took several different days to go out and invite folks to come. Many church members invited people to come also. Missy and Lauren went out together one evening and met two boys who were riding on bikes with one of our faithful preteen boys. They took the time to tell them about the Christmas Sunday and give them the Gospel. The boys did not pray that evening, but they came to the special Sunday service and brought their mom and two other brothers. Please pray as we follow up on this family and many others who came for our big day.

Missy and I also had a young man named Peter visit for the Christmas Sunday. Peter is a manager at the restaurant where we had our annual staff Christmas dinner this year. Peter was overwhelmed to see the church and all the people who had come. After church he told Missy this, “After you and Tim talked to me at the restaurant and told me about your church, I read the tract you gave me. I had to come and see what it was all about.” Peter is not yet saved, and he has a wife and a young daughter. Please pray as Missy and I continue to connect with him and his family.
Our Christmas Sunday has just come to a close as I write this, and I am still praising God for bringing 330 people to the church in Hua Hin and over 320 to the church in Nong Plap! One hundred and seven people trusted Christ during these services. As best as I can remember, this is the second-largest day we have ever had here with Team Thailand. What an incredible joy and blessing it was! Many of our staff and team members had first-time visitors today as well. Every adult and teenager who came was given a 5kg bag of rice. Our staff couple, Sangad and Joom, worked many hours to prepare several delicious Thai dishes, and they made their special mochi ice cream. What a victorious day it was for the Gospel and for the true meaning of Christmas. Our team and staff will be taking the coming months to follow up on all of the visitors. We appreciate your prayers as we work to teach and train them for Him.

May this brief update strengthen your resolve for the cause of Christ and encourage you to continue in the faith into the new year.
With God, ALL things are possible!

We are thankful for your faithful giving, especially during this difficult year. It is our great honor to represent you here in Thailand! Without your prayer and financial support, we would not make it. May the Lord give you a blessed Christmas and New Year!

Your missionary,

Tim Shook & Family