Tim Shook Prayer Letter: Land Fund Update and Preparation for Public-School Christmas Programs*LAND FUND PROJECT UPDATE*

Since our last prayer letter, we have seen just over $112,000 donated from friends and supporting churches for the land purchase. We have several churches that will be taking offerings in the next few weeks as well. We have until the end of November to have the full amount needed to buy the land. Thank you to those of you who have given so sacrificially and also to those who have prayed. We are trusting God to supply greatly!

October and November are preparation months for our public-school Christmas programs in December. This year, Missy, Miss Shari House, and Khun Udomlak Jomhong took a day to find schools in the same surrounding area as the land we are trying to buy. The first school they stopped at, the director (Khun Suu Reeyah) was so interested in having our team come that he scheduled a program immediately. Just as the ladies were getting ready to leave, Suu Reeyah asked them to follow him to another school. He had the ladies follow him in his truck to 9 different schools that day. Every one of those schools scheduled a Christmas program! Starting the second week of December, we will be in 10 schools in a 2-week period. Please pray as we present the true meaning of Christmas and give the Gospel. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to reach and connect with the people living in the area of our new church property.

We have taken time weekly to go soul winning specifically in the villages and neighborhoods near the land. While Missy and the other ladies were meeting with the different school directors, Khun Udomlak saw several children at one school who looked familiar. When they walked up to talk with her, she remembered that they were children she had invited to church and led to Christ just a week before. They were excited to hear that we would be visiting their school soon. God is already blessing, as hearts are open and ready to hear about Him.

While out soul winning in an area that had not been visited for several months, Missy talked with one lady, who shared her heart about her struggles in life. The lady has a small noodle shop attached to her little house where she sells noodle soup. Her shop is open every day from the morning until night. She said that she had lived in that same house her whole life. When Missy began to give her the Gospel, her eyes watered up, and she said that she had heard the name of Jesus but had never been told anything about Him. She listened intently and wanted to learn more, but a customer interrupted them before Missy could share more. Please pray as Missy and I visit this dear lady again. There are people everywhere in this needy country who are open, ready to listen, and ready to receive Jesus; and we must continue to be purposeful, intentional, and Spirit-filled witnesses.

Khun Pie Lin is a sister of Khun Malee, one of our faithful church members. Pie Lin got saved a couple months ago and began attending church regularly. The Lord worked in her heart, and she decided to remove her spirit houses and idols from her home. The team, church staff, some church members, and a few of her family members met out at her house to help her with the removal. I had the opportunity to give a short challenge about trusting in the Lord to protect us as we take steps of faith and obedience in following Him. We also had a time of prayer and singing. What a wonderful sight it is to see new believers taking great steps of faith and obedience!

We would appreciate your prayers for the land purchase, for the Christmas public-school programs, and for our preparation in scheduling new and supporting churches for our furlough in the fall of 2020. Thank you for your faithful support through prayers and giving.

For His glory,

Tim Shook