Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Five-Year Anniversary and Covenant SundayJuly and August have been busy months, as our family has begun final preparations for our three-month furlough to the States. Mark and Lauren had about five weeks of summer break and then started a new year so they won’t get behind as we travel. We now have a fifth grader and a sixth grader in our home! They completed eight weeks of school, and they are excited to have some time off in America.

The church has had several special Sundays. In preparing for the church’s five-year anniversary and Covenant Sunday, we had a Baptism Sunday especially for those who had been waiting (for various reasons). One of those faithful church folks was Lung Prasit. He has been coming for over four years and gives sacrificially every week. He has a wooden leg and, in the past, has been very fearful of getting baptized. We lowered the baptismal tank that day, and what a glorious sight to see several of our people take the step of obedience in getting baptized!

Several weeks before Covenant Sunday, we presented our people with the church’s written covenant for them to read and take home. The purpose of this covenant is to bring our group of many nationalities and languages to covenant together to be one body of believers for the cause of the Gospel. On Covenant Sunday a large print of the covenant was brought, and after the morning service, the members had an opportunity to sign their name and publicly share with everyone their excitement and their commitment to being a faithful Christian and a member of International Baptist Church of Hua Hin. It was an exciting day for our church.

While out soul winning a few weeks ago, our Thai pastor met a couple who owns land. The location and price seem very suitable for our church and situation. We have taken the time to talk with them about our desire to build a church, language school, Bible institute, and have an area for a future camp. We are praying for God’s will and the necessary funds to have this vision become a reality. I look forward to sharing a video about our church’s building-fund giving and the need for land in the near future! Right now, all I will say is that God is doing something great here, and the harvest is ripe. Will you please pray with us?

God supplied a car for our furlough! My older brother Stephen contacted me about our traveling schedule and offered for our family to use one of his vehicles for the entire duration of our trip. This will save our family several thousand dollars that would have been spent on a rental car and insurance. Thank you for praying for this need.

Our family will leave Thailand on September 5 and will travel throughout the Midwest and Southeast regions until November 11. We will take two weeks at the end of our furlough to have time with Missy’s family. We are thankful for your faithful support, love, and prayers. We look forward to seeing some of you during our trip! We covet your prayers for safety while we are in America. We love and pray for you and your ministries.

For Him,

Tim Shook