Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Doors Open for More Opportunities to Teach and Train ConvertsWe have had a busy month, as the Lord has continued to open doors for more opportunities to teach and train new converts. A few months back, two ladies and their children drove from a nearby city to attend our Sunday morning service. We later found out that a close friend of the ladies had led them to Christ, and for several months Suri and Nim (the ladies) had been praying that they would find a church. Suri told our Thai pastor, Brother Sakrapee, and me that one night she had a dream, and in that dream a man told her to take the road south and she would find a church. The first Sunday they came to our service was because they had gotten into Suri’s car and drove until they saw our church sign. What a miracle!

Just three weeks ago, our family drove out to visit Suri and Nim with Brother Sakrapee. We were able to teach from the Bible and lead a few of their friends and family, who had come to meet us, to the Lord. We were each invited to come back to do a Bible study. Since then, we have had two Friday night meetings where folks have trusted Christ and are learning more about the Lord. This past Sunday 17 people from that area joined us for church. Please pray as we spread out into the cities around us and reach more for Him.

God is opening wide the doors of influence, and we desperately need more workers and prayers for wisdom. A young lady on our staff, Tamalarkhu, called Missy one evening and asked if Missy could take a friend of hers to the hospital the next day. Missy found out that the young lady, Em, was Burmese, and she lived in a village where many more Burmese people live. Em had already gone to the hospital but was recovering from a serious infection and was very weak. Missy and Tamalarkhu had the opportunity to talk with Em about the Lord when they visited her in her home. She told the ladies that she had read a Bible before and knew about Jesus’ death on the cross but didn’t know why He had died. Em was given some money to get food and medicine since her illness had caused her to miss many days of work. When the ladies left Em’s home that afternoon, not only had Em been given physical help, but she had also been given the greatest gift: the gift of eternal life. Em trusted Jesus! The following Sunday Em and her roommate, Muoy, came to church. My wife, with the help of a translator, led Muoy to the Lord. These two young ladies understand a great deal of Thai since they have worked and lived in Thailand for many years. They told Missy that they cannot wait to come back next Sunday, and they plan to invite some of their friends also.

It is our desire and goal to start a Burmese service in the near future. We currently have services in English, Thai, and Karen. Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom as we begin to make plans for a separate Burmese church service in the near future.

Lauren and Mark have finished another year of school and are enjoying their first weeks of summer break.

Lauren is in her second year of private piano and is greatly excelling. We are blessed to work with a team and to have Lauren take lessons from Mrs. Kristi Mercer. She is currently playing several offertories a month and enjoys the opportunity to serve in this way.

Tim and Missy Shook and Family