Simeon and Susie Hudson Prayer Letter: It's About Him!Thank you so much for your faithfulness. We are serving here in Argentina as your outreach for this needy country, and we are doing our best for His glory. It’s all about Him!

I am now preaching standing up, and I am able to go soul winning for two hours at a time. God is so good! Recently in Santa Lucia, I was soul winning with Pastor Marcelo, and I had the privilege of leading 67-year-old Hortensia to Christ. Hortense was my grandma’s name, so I felt like I had a connection with Hortensia. It was so uplifting to share the good news with her, as I was wearing down because of my back injury and the heat. It was 104 degrees that day.

Susie is doing great, and I have an appointment with a nerve specialist on the 13th of December. My foot is still numb during the day, so my balance is not that great. Pray for our health and safety.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas. It is a great time to share Christ, you know!

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson