Robert and Anny Wilson Prayer Letter: To God Be the Glory!To God be the glory; great things He hath done! We thank the Lord for what He is doing here on our field through His faithful servants. In the past 2 months, 66 first-time visitors have come to attend our churches. Hundreds have been saved in our open–air meetings and rehab services, and over 100 people have been baptized.

I will share a “snapshot” of a family reached in one of our recent open-air meetings. A family of Purépecha Indians attended one of our street meetings in August. The father, Cruz, and his family trusted Christ and have now been faithfully attending our church services. They speak Spanish and their native Indian dialect. They have a heart to serve, and we hope to reach many other Indian families through them.

I would like to tell the tales of some of the young people who have grown up here in our ministry. Diego, one of our young men, has headed up our rehab ministry. He has been taking the young people to these facilities to preach, minister, and encourage these fallen men. Since our last letter, dozens have been discipled and baptized through this ministry. Diego is now back in Bible college, but he is unsure of his future plans. We ask you to pray for our rehab ministry and for Diego as he earnestly seeks God’s will for his future.

Another one of our young men who just started Bible college is Luis. Luis, just like Diego, started attending our church as a child. Luis is an active soul winner, route worker, and altar worker. He is considering coming back here to help us in our churches when he finishes. He is attending Bible college with his sister Carolina, who is now a sophomore. Their younger brother Christian is hoping to join them next year.

Our son Robert Jack is 17 years old now. He plans to leave for Bible college in the United States in a couple of years. His desire is to fulfill God’s will for his life. He is considering coming back here to help us in Mexico. Robert plays the guitar, xylophone, and violin in our churches. He also leads the singing and teaches Sunday school. Please pray for God’s guidance for these precious young people in whom we have invested thousands of hours and for whom we have a thousand dreams.

We are now busily preparing for our Missions Conference here in just two weeks. I have never seen our people so excited! Many new people are getting involved. We have recruited more ushers, hosts, hostesses, greeters, and parking attendants to help in the conference. These new people have enjoyed the blessings of being ministered to, and we are excited to introduce them to the greater blessing of ministering. Please pray for our conference, as our goal is to extend our reach worldwide. We are praying for you.

In His service,

Robert Wilson