Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: Colosse Baptist Church, T___• 22 former Muslims saved!
• 21 baptized!
• 2 couples, who had been married in the Islamic faith, rededicated their marriages to Christ!

For over three years, God has directed our ministry to reach people in closed countries through media. Social media and radio have always been bridges with a purpose: to attract Muslim seekers, present the Gospel, train them, and then enter their respective countries to help build and equip churches. This month, God helped us take a giant step forward in this effort.

Two dear brothers, C___ S___ and M___ G___, traveled with my family and me to the city of D___. Never have we seen as passionate and loving a response to God’s Word as we saw during our 10 days with this growing Persian church. Four people traveled as long as 40 HOURS by bus from neighboring I___ just to attend the conference where we preached. We saw 22 saved and 21 baptized. I am in the process of building a summary video, which I will link via a QR code within the month, so you can see some of what we experienced.

Their response to the Bible was unforgettable! These are people who were steeped in a hopeless religion for their entire lives, but when they heard about our Saviour, and that He died for them, we saw an outpouring of God’s working, reminiscent of a century ago in America. We had prayed for months leading up to this conference; God shielded us from suspicious eyes and gave us total freedom in this fourth-story unit in an office building in the center of the city.

Chris and I preached the duration of the conference. Michael taught on the Trinity and other doctrines essential to new believers. M___ G___ is truly a gift from God to these people, and he was of incredible value to C___ and me, as he translated each service in Farsi. We saw professions of faith at virtually every service. J___ served the pastor’s wife, helping in the nursery each night. J___ and A___ sang and provided music each night, all incredibly well received. God is so amazing—He loves to show that He can do the impossible! The upcoming video will show you so much more.

One of the sweetest times was the 90 minutes of baptizing, done in the basement of a major hotel in the city. Thanks to some believers on the hotel staff, we were able to use a large inset pool, and each of us baptized about 7 converts. I will share many of the individual stories of these believers in my next letter . . . and video.

God bless you, and thank your for your investments of prayer, time, and money. These is so much more to do! God is OPENING DOORS TO THE MUSLIM WORLD!

Gratefully in His service,

Missionary #6505