Missionary #6013 Prayer Letter: Humbled to Be Honored as a MissionaryOne year on the road is almost complete! Deputation has given us many wonderful memories and opportunities to meet some truly amazing servants of God. My favorite part has definitely been getting to see so many dedicated Christians working in their local churches to reach their communities. I am always humbled to be honored as a missionary when so many of you are working just as hard to reach the lost. That is how it should be, all of us working together to reach the world where God has called us.

The fall has been a busy time for us in traveling. Many churches have Missions Conferences this time of year, and we have had several take us on for support. We are still focusing our travels in the Midwest. So many of our recent meetings have been special. There was a young lady who approached my wife and shared that she was surrendering to full-time Christian service after I taught the teens at her church in Martinsville, Indiana. Our heart and calling are for the Chinese people, but it is such an honor for God to use us while we are here in the States. Praise the Lord for another laborer willing to live for the Lord. Out of all the opportunities and meetings we had recently, I think my favorite was getting to preach for the Teen Retreat for Bethel Baptist Church in Greenfield, Indiana. Their youth group really has a heart for missions, and I was blessed to see the heart they have for God. The youth group had also been giving for months to be able to give us, at the retreat, the largest love offering we have received so far. I was humbled and amazed to see how God is using these teenagers.

Special Blessings

Our son was born only a few weeks before we hit the road full-time in January. We knew this would be an added responsibility while we traveled, but we felt it was important to move forward in planning early last year. We have found, though, that instead of being a necessary burden, God has used him to be a great source of encouragement and joy while we adapt and work through deputation. Our son will be one year old on December 6, and we couldn’t be prouder of how he has grown. He is walking, talking, and giving “high fives.” His new favorite word is up, and he loves exploring. My wife and I are discovering how parenting can be simultaneously fulfilling and exhausting, but we are grateful that God has given us such a wonderful son to invest in.

Special Prayer Requests

A lady named Millicent was saved while we were out soul winning recently on a Saturday. She was so sincere while she prayed to accept Christ. We have been trying to get her plugged in to church, but because of a lot of health problems, she has been unable to come visit. The Coronavirus has her nervous, and with her other health problems, she does need to be more careful. Please pray that the Lord will help her in her health and give her courage to come to church.

Please also pray that the Lord would continue to help us while we work to gain support. The Coronavirus was definitely an unexpected challenge this year. We are still amazed to see how God and His people have provided for us. While we know the world’s problems won’t disappear at the new year, we are praying for God to give us and churches a fresh start. Another year on earth is another opportunity to bring to God the thing He desires most, souls for His kingdom. Please pray for God’s continued blessings on us, but as well, let’s all pray for God to reveal to us how we can best serve Him this year.

Here for Him,

Missionary #6013