Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  Eternal Security for a Temp-Services AgencyHappy New Year from the Sarver family! We want to thank the Lord for giving us a wonderful year serving Him here in Ghana. Let me share with you some blessings from just the past month.

Preaching to a teen in Kumasi

John Sarver preaching to a teen in Kumasi, Ghana

Eternal Security for a Temporary-Services Agency

On a recent Saturday, my son John and I met a young man named Ernest sitting at a car wash. I asked him if I could show him what the Bible said about going to Heaven. As we began our discussion, a teen named Michael walked up and was interested in our conversation. Michael, like Ernest, spoke English very well, so I asked John to share the Gospel with him. Praise the Lord! I believe both Ernest and Michael trusted Christ.

Preaching at Sky Opportunity

Preaching at Sky Opportunity Consulting Services

Ernest is the manager of a small temporary-services agency called Sky Opportunity Consult near our church. After I showed Ernest several verses on eternal security, he told me he wanted me to come preach to his co-workers the message I had just preached to him. So on the next Tuesday afternoon, I went to meet his co-workers: Alex, Ellen, and Eric. Baffour, a client, was there as well. For over an hour, I preached to Alex, Ellen, Eric, and Baffour; and all 4 saw their need to place their faith in Christ alone for salvation. We got Ernest and his co-workers started on our discipleship booklets. Pray that these young people will visit our church soon.

Christmas Cookies

Our Bible college was in session for the second week of December. I very much enjoyed having Pastor Isaac Kwaw, Pastor Samson Laniran, Brother Thomas Opoku, and Brother Frederick Addo-Tettey in my English class. My family and I made Christmas cookies for all of our college students, which has become an enjoyable family tradition.


Making Christmas cookies for our college students

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the individuals of our Sunday school class and church to grow spiritually in 2016. Pray also for more laborers for the harvest here in Kumasi and more students for our Bible college in the coming year. I was delighted to get an email this morning from a former Bible college student who plans to enroll again in January.

Thank you for believing in us!

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben

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