Jonathan and Brittany Beil Prayer Letter: Very Busy Months in the MinistryThe months of September and October were very busy for the ministries here. The month of October was our “Jerusalem Month” for the two churches. It was a time of special focus to invite people to church and to preach the Gospel to our community. Our hardworking staff and many faithful church members participated every week in bringing people to church. Week 1 was Neighbor Sunday; Tan and I were personally able to invite the church neighbors to church, and a few of them came that Sunday. Week 2 was Public Servant Sunday, and we were able to recognize and give a gift to those who serve in our community. After hearing the Gospel, several received Christ, including a local doctor and an immigration officer. Week 3 was Friend Sunday. This was a wonderful and crazy Sunday. Over 160 visitors came to church that day! It was a challenge finding seats for everyone, and the children sat on the floor. Even though we had a packed house, we tried to give the best seats to the visitors so they would be able to hear the message of salvation. The last Sunday was Family Sunday. Around 250 people came to church that day, many being returning visitors. We praise God for what He did during these special weeks! It was great to see several of our church members each bring over 20 people to church during the month. It was also special for our family to have our Thai teacher, Gan, visit church with us for the first time, since she happened to have students cancel during her normal teaching hours, allowing her to come to church. We praise the Lord for choosing to use us and our church to shine the Light in our “Jerusalem.”

Back in September, we had a great activity with our church teenagers going to a small, local zoo. To our surprise, there was a baby bear “on the loose” at the zoo, and we were able to play with it and hold it. The teenagers really enjoyed that. On the subject of wildlife, I want to thank the Lord for protecting our family from various other local creatures. Recently, it seems like every other week, we find a snake in our yard or on our front porch where our sons sometimes play. Several of the snakes were spitting cobras, which are very venomous. Thank you for praying for our safety.

Last month, it was a blessing to baptize several people, Nong Owe being one of them. Jack and I met Owe two years ago while out visiting in his neighborhood, and I was able to share the Gospel with him. He came to church very faithfully for many months. Earlier this year, he stopped coming, and we didn’t see him for quite a while. About two months ago, we found him at home and invited him to come back to church. He started coming very faithfully and decided to get baptized last month. It’s great to see people get saved, attend church, and follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. Praise the Lord for those who have put their faith in Him.

To every individual who faithfully prays for us and sacrificially gives for us to serve here in Thailand, I just want to say thank you for your faithfulness. Please continue praying for our language studies. Both Brittany and I have a goal of teaching a Sunday school class this month in Thai without a translator. If you would like to see more pictures of our family and ministry, you can watch this video.

In His service,

Jonathan, Brittany, Judah, and Archer Beil