John Hays Prayer Letter: God Is WorkingGod is working. The Gospel and pure drinking water are being distributed. So far this year, 1,265 Klor Gen 3000 water-treatment systems have been given out, which is over 6 villages/water-treatment systems given out each day for the first 200 days of 2021. Each system can treat up to 5,000 people’s water, and 1,265 villages got the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Countless souls have been saved. Churches are strengthened and new church plants are being started.

The countries where work has been done in 2021 are Brazil, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Panama, Uganda, Peru, Pakistan, Argentina, USA (Alaska), Liberia, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, and others. Twenty-three separate shipments have gone out around the world.

I have taken two trips in 2021, Peru and Liberia, where I took 180 Klor Gen 3000 water-treatment systems to that many pastors and missionaries.

A good report came from Pastor Rancy Harris in Ghana, Africa:
“The pastor Moses Danielle just called me, testifying that because of the pure-ride (Puride) machine, they got 9 adults visiting their midweek services, and just this Sunday morning had 18 first-time visitors. Some testifying that the pure-ride (Puride) chronie (chlorine) water is truth medicine for typhoid and diarrhea wist (with) pain.”
Many such testimonies are being received.

I have unmet needs:
• $20,000 for 200 Pure Water Systems, transportation and shipping into Ghana
• $35,000 for 350 Pure Water Systems, transportation and shipping into the Republic of the Congo

An August trip is being planned into the Amazon Jungle in Peru, where we are attempting to work with the government to distribute 1,000 more Klor Gen 3000 systems.

Thank you to my many generous donors and prayer warriors. Without prayers and the power of God, my efforts are futile. May Jesus be glorified.

God’s water boy,

John Hays

FBMI Missionary John Hays Prayer Letter Picture

This Pure Water system was given to the people of a Mexican village by a group from Marion Avenue Baptist Church in July 2021. The Gospel was given, and people accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour.