Fisa Mihy-mihyndu Prayer Letter: Creating Opportunities and Social-Distancing Soul WinningWhile the LORD has allowed the entire world to face this ongoing unusual situation with COVID-19, in my life, His presence has been abundantly manifested and evident at His feet numerous times, in the Word of God, and in the prayer closet frequently. Psalm 46:1 declares: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” This message has been at the forefront of my mind for some time now to share with souls in fear in my community and beyond. Thank you very much for your earnest, constant prayers and financial investments into the Lord’s work in Gabon for several happy, fruitful months now! To God be the glory!


This COVID-19 situation has allowed me to develop a greater sense of urgency concerning soul winning. With 274,132 deaths and 48,532 souls in critical condition worldwide from this virus today, the LORD has impressed it upon my heart to find more creative ways to keep more souls from Hell while following local guidelines. Praise the Lord for directing me to use WhatsApp to witness to family members and acquaintances in Gabon. The Lord, furthermore, has given me the opportunity to start a channel on YouTube, primarily to preach evangelistic messages in order to reach my family and other souls in Gabon with the Gospel. God helped me type and send a clear Gospel presentation in French via WhatsApp to several souls. Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom in dealing with their salvations individually.

I met Patrick, a clerk at a Super 8, on a sunny day in Missouri in early April while going to Nevada. Using social distancing, I initiated a conversation. After a few minutes into the conversation, I used a directional question to check his salvation. I discovered, through an honest answer, that he was still lost. I slipped him a Gospel tract to follow the conversation and gave him a clear presentation. God kept the lobby vacant for at least 30 minutes to give me enough time to help him understand the whole Gospel and offer him the opportunity to call upon Jesus Christ for his salvation. He happily received Jesus Christ by faith as Saviour. Glory to God! Looking back, God perfectly kept his attention and magnificently saved his soul. When I asked if he had a copy of the Bible, his answer was negative. Since I was out of Bibles, I gave him a John and Romans.

As a whole, the Lord gave me the immense privilege to see 3 precious souls receive Jesus Christ by faith as Saviour. To God be the glory!


Someone once said that once you lead somebody to the Lord, you become, by default, their spiritual mentor. He added that your goal is then to try to connect that soul with a good, local, Bible-believing, soul-winning Baptist church. This is something I often attempt to do with each born-again believer. I have had the great privilege to disciple several converts and to help them find churches for some time now.

I have been getting positive feedback from some converts about the Bible truths from the text messages I have been sending them. I have been hearing from them, praying with them (over the phone or in person), or at times, meeting with some. Some of those individuals are Marino, Luis, Chris, Leeroy, Alejandro, Carlos, etc.

One of the other blessings is the Lord helping me to record and post evangelistic sermons and discipleship messages weekly on YouTube for saved loved ones and other souls in Gabon.


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all my meetings for the months of April and May were canceled. In agreement with my pastor, I decided to return to Reno, Nevada, and be a blessing to my home church in any way I can. I am truly blessed and greatly privileged to be a member of the Lighthouse Baptist Church family of Reno, Nevada. For many years, Lighthouse Baptist, under the leadership of Pastor Ralstin, has so faithfully ministered in the community and has shown a great love for the Bible and a deep hunger for the Great Commission. It’s a huge blessing to see the love, dedication, and faithfulness of God’s people during these uncertain times! Praise the Lord!

Prior to the traveling restrictions across the USA, I had the great honor to visit and present my ministry before some faithful, loving, kind, giving, soul-winning, and dedicated pastors and church families. Thank you so much for the way you have blessed me in meeting my needs and those of the ministry!

While visiting a church in Kentucky, God allowed me to meet Brother John, a very mature, 17-year-old young man, who has been called to Gabon. Please pray for him. Brother John is a great soul winner and loves the Lord. On another note, God gave me the opportunity to meet Brother Carter, a very skilled construction worker and godly man, who spearheaded the Team Ghana construction project. He is willing to come help me in Gabon with the building project once I am ready to do so. I am extremely grateful to God for Brother Carter!

I praise the Lord for three new supporting churches: Temple Baptist Church in Manchester, Tennessee; Sweet Springs Baptist Church in Ardmore, Alabama; and Ambassador Baptist Church in Greenbrier, Arkansas.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the French Bibles, French New Testaments, John and Romans, Gospel tracts, discipleship materials, French Bible recording, and the tracts in Punu and Fang (two local dialects). Furthermore, I would like to raise more prayers for the YouTube sermons to have a great impact in Gabon. Plus, please pray for God to give me 300 faithful men for His work in Gabon.

Without you this ministry would not be possible. I could never thank you enough for your continued prayers and financial support! I have been praying for you and your ministries as well. May God bless you as you serve Him faithfully!!

That all everywhere may hear,

Fisa Mihy-mihyndu

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” (I Corinthians 15:58).


1. 3 souls saved
2. 6 baptisms
3. 2 called to the mission field
4. $9,000 for the Bible project
5. Family outreach through YouTube and WhatsApp

Prayer Needs

1. Souls to be saved
2. Discipleship
3. French Bible project
4. French Bible recording
5. French New Testaments
6. 2 million Gospel tracts
7. 10,000 tracts in Punu
8. 10,000 tracts in Fang
9. Family outreach through YouTube and WhatsApp
10. Discipleship materials
11. John and Romans
12. 300 faithful men