Elias and Robyn Correa Prayer Letter: Proclaiming the ONE in '21!Noteworthy News

Honestly, we’re glad to see 2020 come to an end! But what does 2021 have in store? While we do not know, we serve the God Who does, and He has everything under control! We are thankful for all God did through our supporting churches and our 20/20 Vision projects last year. We shipped over 14 million Scriptures around the world (see details on second page). We are also excited about our new theme, “Proclaiming the ONE in ‘21”! Our goal is to ship Scriptures to 21 nations on all continents, as God enables. For more information, please look inside our newsletter. Also, we invite you to view our updated website, WingsBPS.org.

Prayer Petitions

Please pray that the Lord would mightily use the 14 million Scriptures shipped to 12 countries around the world in 2020. Pray that God would enable us to “Proclaim the ONE in ‘21” by providing His Word to needy souls. Thank you for partnering with us to get the Word of God to a lost and dying world through your prayers and giving! We believe in the power of prayer, and we are thankful for your support. Thanks again, and may the Lord bless you as you faithfully serve Him.

Correas’ Chronicles

We are excited for a new year to serve the Lord, and we are very much anticipating what the Lord has in store for us. We finished off 2020 with a wonderful time of family visiting us for Christmas while we were down South and busy with meetings. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers, as we are expecting to be on the road more this year. If you would like us to visit your church, please feel free to contact me through email or by phone at 517.270.2831. God bless you all, and thank you for everything.


Praise the Lord! Thanks to your prayers and financial support, and despite COVID-19, over 14 million Scriptures were distributed around the world in 2020. With your help, God enabled us to ship Scriptures to the following 12 countries: Cuba, Honduras, Malawi, Mexico, Mongolia (first time), Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Togo, USA, Venezuela, and Undisclosed (for security purposes).

Scriptures in 7 different languages were distributed in 2020. We were able to ship the following 2 languages for the first time: Miskito and Yoruba.

We thank each and every one of our supporters for making all of this possible. Please accept our appreciation. Thank you for investing in our 20/20 Vision! Only eternity will reveal all the fruit that has been added to your account. The pictures below are a few from 2020.

Proclaiming the ONE in ’21!

Our theme for 2021 is Proclaiming the ONE in ’21! Our goal is to ship Scriptures to 21 nations and a container to every continent, as God enables us. Remember, while there is power in the printed Word of God, it does no good sitting in warehouses! There are three ways you can help us with Proclaiming the ONE in ’21:

1. Pray – Use our World Prayer Map (free upon request).
2. Participate – Go with us on a Scripture-distribution mission trip.
• Christ 4 Chile (June)
• Tokyo Olympic Outreach (August)
• Bibles 4 Brazil (September)
3. Provide – Give so that others may receive the truth of the Word of God. Just $1 will ship a whole Bible!

Please consider a special gift to help us with Proclaiming the ONE in ‘21! We have upcoming shipments to South Africa and trips to Chile, Japan, and Brazil that still require funding. Feel free to contact us for more information on any of these particular projects or to have us present one of them in your church. Thanks for your time and consideration. May the Lord richly bless you as you faithfully serve Him.

Elias & Robyn Correa