Charles Osgood Prayer Letter: Expanding Influence in Sierra LeoneThank you for your faithful prayer and financial support!

Influence in Sierra Leone

In 2017, Pastor Solomon Gorvie, who pastors a church in Sierra Leone and oversees a ministry of about 20 churches, sent a young man named David Brooks to us to train for the ministry. David completed our training program, and upon graduation, he returned to Sierra Leone to serve the Lord. David has recently started a church in Gbaniga, and he also oversees an orphanage there. Last year, he was able to lead a man named Julius Alpha to Christ. This man was pastoring a New Apostolic church, yet he was unsaved. After getting saved, he preached the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone in his church. Because of this, he was fired from his church. He is now working to help David in his church. Please pray for the new converts in this church plant to be established and to grow.

Pastor Solomon Gorvie has invited me to come to Freetown, Sierra Leone, to help train soul winners. I will be traveling to Sierra Leone next Monday, February 19, and we will have 4 days of soul-winning training. I will give classroom instruction, and we will also have time for practical application and soul winning. We are expecting between 60 to 70 pastors and church workers to come for the training. Please pray that, through this training, many men and ladies will become faithful and effective soul winners.

After the soul-winning training, I will visit the ministry of David Brooks. Please pray that God will use me to encourage him and also to be a blessing to the church he is pastoring.

Converts / Disciples

In my last letter, I asked prayer for a new convert, Akua Nkrumah, to follow the Lord in baptism. Praise the Lord, she got baptized on December 17 and has since joined the church!

On December 10, my convert, Prince Akuoko, got married to Selina. He and his wife are attending my Sunday school class. On January 6, Selina followed the Lord in baptism and has joined our church! Please pray for this new couple to grow in the Lord.

We have continued our soul winning at a nearby university, as they have recently started a new semester. In the last 2 weeks, I have been able to lead 5 students to Christ. Please pray for us to lead more students to Christ. Also, please pray for the students who have trusted Christ to be established in the faith and to become disciples of Christ.

In Christ,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood