Charles and Lindsey Osgood Prayer Letter:   Expanding InfluenceThank you for partnering with us!

Revival Meetings in Fiapre

I was invited to preach revival meetings April 30 – May 2 for Pastor Rexford Aning, who pastors the Fundamental Baptist Church of Fiapre. Pastor Aning is someone I taught in our Bible college here. What a blessing it was to see the great work God is doing through him and his church in Fiapre! Many decisions were made by the members. Pastor Aning also has a radio ministry and preaches/teaches the Bible twice a week on a radio station that reaches all the region in Ghana where he is located. I enjoyed the opportunity to preach on the radio station while I was there. The radio presenter introduced us as “People of the Book who teach the truth of God’s Word without error.” He was converted through the teaching of Pastor Aning! I was greatly encouraged by the zeal and diligence of Pastor Aning and those he is discipling!

Soul Winning and Discipleship

On May 8, I was able to lead a man named David Nkrumah to Christ. He has come to Sunday school and church faithfully since he got saved. I started doing discipleship lessons with him last week. Please pray for him to grow. Also, he is crippled and is currently living at a bus terminal. Please pray that God will provide a good place for him to stay.

Special Prayer Requests

 We suddenly and unexpectedly had one of our newly ordained pastors, Bro. James Adjabeng, pass away at 33 years of age. His wife Patience is grieving deeply, and she is left to care for their two small children. Please pray for comfort and strength for her. This has been a great loss to us, but we trust in our God, for He is always good.
 My wife and I are teaching classes on “Christian Dating” to our church single adults on Sunday afternoons. Please pray that God will help us to help our single adults to date in a way that pleases the Lord.
 We will be taking a quick trip in June to the USA for Lindsey to have cavitation surgery due to a jaw infection. This surgery is scheduled for June 9 & 10. Please pray for strength for Lindsey and for the surgery to be successful.

In Christ,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood