Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Answered Prayers, God-Given Momentum Starting 2022We have many blessings to report from the last several weeks! Our people have rallied around praying for Eh Khu, our young man whom God spared in a motorcycle accident and who is recovering far beyond a point doctors thought was possible. Eh Khu’s recovery is miraculous, and I feel it has spiritually strengthened our people or at least reconfirmed their trust in answered prayer. Please pray for his continued recovery. Another answer to pray is regarding a relative of one of our church families who was falsely imprisoned in a neighboring country. On a Wednesday night, we all prayed together for this young man. We found out later that the young man was released from prison later that very Wednesday night. Amen! Answered prayers continue for the Burmese orphanage that was struggling late last year. Good reports have come in that the orphanage, which was asked to leave their current property, found a much better property for a lower price. The 25 orphan children have been busy, building and preparing their new residence as they watch all of our sermons online and thank the Lord for the food and provisions God has provided. Many other answered prayers have taken place as well. Praise Him! The Nong Phlap church has had steady and strong weeks of attendance since our Christmas Big Day. First-time visitors come weekly, with the following Sunday attendance totals involving two services and weekly salvation totals:

• December 27, 2021           113 total, 85 unique, 2 salvations
• January 2, 2022                107 total, 76 unique, 7 salvations
• January 9, 2022                118 total, 83 unique, 9 salvations
• January 16, 2022              133 total, 91 unique, 3 salvations

Wednesday night discipleship and kids’ programs have been building also. The church has averaged close to 40 souls each Wednesday night. Seemingly each week during one of our soul-winning times, we see at least one Burmese person saved. Thankfully, we have Burmese books of John & Romans to give to them upon salvation. The Burmese remain on our hearts to reach, teach, baptize, and disciple in the Lord. Please pray for continued opportunities with this people group.


One morning while soul winning, Star and I came across a lady named Nueng. She’s 50 years old and sells lottery tickets. Upon handing her a tract, she took a little time to see what it was, which is always a signal to us—if you have time to read, you have time to hear. She did have time and seemingly wanted a break from walking around. Lottery sales jobs can be taxing in the heat all day, every day. The Gospel was carefully given. Nueng had a few questions along the way, but all of them were answered. Then, without any hesitation, she wanted to place her full belief in Jesus, receiving forgiveness of sins and accepting salvation. She looked very happy, the kind of happy maybe that Nueng had not had in a long time. A short time later, Nueng told us a story of her older sister who always took Nueng to church when she was 10 years old (40 years ago). She explained how faithful her sister was to church over the years and how her sister always trusted and believed in Jesus. Church was a big part of her sister’s life. Her sister passed away a few years ago, so when she saw that we were representing Jesus and telling her the story of how Jesus loves and saves, she couldn’t help but think of her sister. Well, all that to say, Nueng was sweetly saved, and I was able to tell her afterwards that as a saved, born-again Christian, she would someday rejoice in Heaven with her big sister. She was just so happy, so emotional—and there we were, just on the side of some busy city street, saying, “Isn’t this just a blessing?! Praise the Lord!” Later, we had thoughts of the fact that the church in Thailand in a distant province 40 years ago, when very few churches existed in Thailand, was reaching Thai people for the Lord. That church planted a seed within that family, not knowing what would become of that little 10- year-old girl. Today, 40 years later, that seed blossomed with Nueng. She found the Saviour!

We are prayerfully thankful for your encouragements and prayers!


Chad, Sarah, Harmony, Autumn, & Forest Inman