Caleb and Abby Amoros Prayer Letter: Many Open Doors on Our Deputation JourneyIt’s such a joy to serve the Lord in His kingdom and to see what our Lord is doing all over our country and the world. God has opened many doors for us in these past weeks throughout our deputation journey. We are thankful for so many churches that support missionaries and encourage Christ’s servants in their calling. Continuing through our deputation journey, we had the privilege to be part of Pastor Jonathan Ryser’s Missions-Emphasis Month and present our ministry to his church family. It was so humbling to see the Lord’s hand upon this seven-year-old church plant and preach in their morning service on the subject of “Missions” from Acts 16. Our next stop was at Cicero Bible Church in Cicero, Illinois, with Pastor Matthew Swain, where I was able to challenge their young people on “How to Be Used by God as a Teenager” and had a sweet time with the church family during their church service.

We then proceeded to spend the weekend with Metro Baptist Church in Belleville, Michigan. It was a special opportunity to be an encouragement through the preaching service to this church family, as Pastor Vapreszan was in the hospital due to a heart attack. Our prayers have been with him and their church family. Brother Humble has been used by the Lord to help the church family and ministries move forward through this difficult season. Our following stop was in Chicago, Illinois, with Pastor David Meece from West Lawn Baptist Church. It was very encouraging to see a Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching church in the middle of millions of people. Pastor Meece was very kind and gracious to us during our time with the church family. It was a joy to present our ministry and give a challenge out of God’s Word to this congregation. These last two churches held a special place in our hearts, as they have been faithfully supporting my parents for over 20 years, and I got to see how the Lord allowed me to return many years later to their church. We are very grateful for the path my parents paved before us and the example they have set for all these years.

Our journeys ended with a flight to Lima, Peru, in South America. Due to my wife’s pregnancy, she has not been able to accompany me on international trips. It was a blessing for her to rest from all of our travels. I had the opportunity to help Missionaries Zach Foust Sr. and Zach Foust Jr. with their summer Bible institute by teaching a 15-hour course on Missions. It was very humbling to see so many students make daily sacrifices to attend these classes. Two young men from the northern part of the country traveled four hours round-trip each day to attend the institute. One young man who attended is from the Amazon Jungle, and he is preparing to go back and plant a church, Lord willing. The Holy Spirit did a powerful work in the heart of these laborers preparing for ministry work. I also had the opportunity to spend some time evangelizing and visiting church folks in one of their church plants. I had the joy of leading a young mother to the Lord who lived just a few minutes away from the church. We are prayerfully considering returning and helping with a teaching and training time for pastors from the Amazon.

Prayer Requests

1. Wisdom as we give more focus to our deputation journey to raise our monthly support
2. For the Lord to use us as we host a Family Camp in Honduras at the end of this month
3. For a healthy baby and delivery, as my wife is due June 3
4. Discernment and wisdom as we develop future evangelistic work towards unreached people groups

Yours for souls,

Caleb Amoros
Missionary Evangelist